Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Place for Kids to Learn Science

7 May 2008 @ KLCC

After a tiring day in KL the day before, I was FORCED with a gun by Eddie to go downtown again, this time to KLCC.

He has a bizarre plan to explore every single corner in KLCC, including Petrosains, Aquaria, TGV, Kinokuniya and the toilets. Luckily, we did't have enough time to go to Aquaria [as everybody else didn't want to go there too] but we did go to the others.

First stop: Petrosains

We reach that place at 3.50pm and we only have 90 minutes to go in and get out of there [Closing time: 5.30pm]. It's just like a 110m hurdle race. Damn rush.

My housemates [BaoBao]: LeongKee, OverLord, Me, Eddie

There're just too many things to read and play with but we don't have enough time to touch every single thing we see. So we have to skip all the readings and videos and just stop at anything that interests us.

I think it's a perfect place for kids and secondary school students to spend one whole day here. I bet they will add lots of weight to their brains.

Well, for us, young adults, it's good to earn some knowledge from it. But, I think I'd prefer wiki-ing than paying 10 bucks to learn. [Google is your best friend!]

The last photo in Petrosains [we became dwarfs]

Overally, there isn't much things that really catch my attention in there. I think I'll strangle Eddie to death if the entrance fee is higher [for not having a good time management]. 10 bucks for 90 minutes, I'll take it as watching a movie.

After Petrosains, we went Kinokuniya bookstore, dinner and a movie. Oh, what a day. Billy, out.

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