Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Frictionally Unemployed

24 May 2008 @ MMU, Cyberjaya

YES! I'm free!
NO! I'm jobless!

Took some photos with my dear mates in MMU right after my final paper.

JetSon [don't really know him], Teresa, Daniel, Denise, some foreign guy whom I've been having class with him for 3 years but never know his name

SS-ing with 2 leng luis, Teresa and Jessica [someone should thank me for making her less ugly]

Me and the brain of ISE, Daniel

Me and KeatMeng [Multimedia Technology Management major]

ISE-ians with an intruder: Me, Patrick, Jessica [the intruder], Teresa and WeiHock

The girls are dreaming of convocation already

Someone is missing from the photos....

I'd like to wish all my fellow friends all the best in their undertakings in the future, whether you want to excel in your job, or be the best goyang-kaki-er in town, or sitting in the couch fantasizing your CEO dream.

Good luck. Don't forget me. Keep in touch. Billy, out.


Jessica said...

weet...suddenly i saw so many updates from ya. good, clear all ur "debts" b4 heading to ur trip *wink*
i no need thank u rite? since i'm not the one should be...lolz.
and aper intruder har~~BLEK!

have fun in ur backpack trip. may it be adventurous. ^_^ keep in touch! u noe where am i lo~~

Billy said...

Haha... yalar.. u not ISE also =P
Only 3 days here but very adventerous already. hehe...
Keep in touch! =)

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