Monday, May 05, 2008

A Round of Golf, Anyone?

3 May 2008 @ Cyberjaya Community Centre

I had my test in the morning and got myself ready to go home after test. After my dad picked my up and dropped my lappy [aka my wife] to Kuan, I suggested to my dad to check out the driving range in Cyberjaya Community Centre.

As a sports enthusiast, I'd always love to try new sports [and new stuffs]. So, I won't let go this chance to hit a few balls to the greens.

100 balls for RM7 only. So cheap lah. So, we bought one bucket.

Few years back, I've only chipped some balls [short range] at the lawn beside my house. Never really get a chance to play at driving range or golf course [though there's a 36 holes course at my resident area].

Get ready! [I look so noob]

Aim properly and swing the club [focus.. focus...]

And off we go~ [ahem, sorry my position if a bit off]

I'm still quite new in this, but I still managed to hit some balls straight. Not bad eh.

See my dad play so pro

Now that I'm officially free [only final exams to go], I'd love to go for another round of golf. Anybody cares to join? Billy, out.


skylancerz said...

what are we waiting for?
come, lets go to be the next Tiger :)

Billy said...

Don't forget we're little tigers already.. =P

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