Thursday, May 22, 2008


Recently, there's this Big Mac Chant that gives you a chance to win a free Big Mac after you bought a value meal in McDonald's. All you have to do is to recite the given chant in 4 seconds or less.

Two all beef patties,
Special sauce, LETTUCE,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions,
On a sesame seed bun.

If you can read it aloud within 4 seconds, the Big Mac is yours!

At the same time, McDonald's is also organizing an online contest in collaboration with Nuffnang.

All you need to do is to record a video of yourself doing the BigMac chant as creatively as possible, upload the video and make people vote for you. The grand prize for this simple contest is RM10,000!

Here's one of the videos submitted and my friend, WeiHock is one of the actors. So, do vote for this video at the website!

While browsing through some of the videos for the past 3 weeks, I found that some of the videos are quite amusing. I was amazed how a word can be spoken in so many ways.


Lettes, letter, leh*mumbling*, let-cheese, le-tooce?

The phonetics for this word is [ 'letis ]. In case you do not know how to read it, you can check out or to listen to the right way of pronouncing lettuce. [mouse over the word at both websites to listen]

If you're going to record a video for the BigMac chant, make sure you say it properly then. Oh, one more thing, I love to eat le-tooce. Oopz. Billy, out.


nomark said...

thank you teacher william, haha :p
1st comment of mine.. dun blame me anymore.. keke..
btw, thanks for helping me to promote oo[paiseh~]

Billy said...

Haha.. I didn't blame you also. I think if I didn't write your name here, you won't give comment also eh. =P
Anyway, thanks for dropping by. =)

nomark said...

mayb lo.. keke
actually i plan to 1st comment for ur wife 1..
mana tau... i see my name, haha
sorry o Mrs will..

Billy said...

Haha.. my wife ah.. Don't know when only I'll update =P

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