Friday, August 01, 2008

Floating Village - Stuck in Mud

4 June 2008 @ Tonle Sap, Cambodia

After touring around the floating village in the Tonle Sap lake, we head back to the town.

The road is all muddy and slippery after the heavy rain. We're glad that we're on a car because all the tuk-tuks have to be pushed to get to the better side of the road and the passengers have to walk on the muddy road.

Not far from the jetty, we had a traffic jam. All because of an overweight lorry's wheels stuck inside the mud. The people have no choice but to take out all the weight it's carrying and start pushing.

While waiting, we listened to some Khmer songs. Gah! They all sounded like monks chanting lah!

After stucked there for about 15 minutes, the cars at the back took alternative way to get outta there. So, we followed.

Our car was just too heavy and can't get past the slope on the road. Sovoeun even banged into another person's tuk-tuk at the side of the road when he lost the grip.

Some people there were offering help to push the car but Sovoeun refused because they're charging him US$30 for one push! Gosh, why would they want to take advantage of their own people?

We suggested to get out of the car so the car can have more power to climb the bloody slope. He made it after a few attempts, and now our feet are on the mud. Great.

It's not easy to walk on the road. It's slippery and your shoes get heavier and heavier because the mud will keep sticking to the bottom of your shoes. Soon, we were all wearing high-mud-heels.

Sovoeun felt sorry for us and took us to his house for a clean up. That's his house [consider quite luxury for a Cambodian] and his papa and youngest sister.

We took off our sandals and his mom and brother helped to washed them. How kind of them.

While waiting, we walked around his house and discovered he reared some cows.

Then, his father asked us to climb onto the ladder to look over a 7-feet tall wall. Crocs! Wow, what a surprise.

We wasted a couple of hours in this muddy havoc and all our tummies were yelling for food. We stopped at Express, a fast food restaurant at a petrol kiosk.

The fast food wasn't that fast after all. I suspect they still use wood to start a fire before they start cooking.

Here's what we ordered. They don't even look a bit like the picture on their menu.

The taste was pretty good considering that they're quite cheap.

That's all for the day and we were all anticipating to see the grand Angkor Wat on the next day. Billy, out.

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samantha said...

u should have slap the mud on your skin, it's healthy though.i'm serious, kay?

btw, what's lok lak rice? what meat is that?

Billy said...

yerrr... the mud so dirty lah.. ppl step on it. cars run on it. dogs pee and poo on it.
Don't tell me pee and poo also good for skin eh. LOL

Lok Lak is a Cambodian dish. It's beef + an egg. =)

Falcon said...

use wood?? LOL...

Billy said...

perhaps.. i don't know.. haha =P

chuafc2006 said...

haha...mud war is good at that time... throw the muds at those who offered $US30 for pushing the vehicle...

it's so nice of XXX to bring u all to his house and clean your shoes personally!

If Malaysia... -,-+
Taxi drivers... drove

Billy said...

Haha.. good idea!

Yea, Sovoeun is a nice guy. But we paid for everything lar.. We hired him for the whole day one. So, he need to take care of us, somehow. =P

-waiseng- said...

lok lak rice? Chicken?
Looks nice :D

Billy said...

it's beef lah my friend..
it taste as its looks =)

Shea said...

pearl jam is awesome!!!!!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Walaueh...what a nice trip.
The LoK Lak Rice looks interesting to me =)

Billy said...


Haha.. indeed a very adventurous trip.
Yea, you should try Lok lak if you ever visit Cambodia.

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