Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Saw, I Touched, I Played

2 August 2008 @ Kuala Lumpur

I used to stay in the central Kuala Lumpur when I was a kid. I missed the beautiful city sunset.

PuiYee's aunt injured her back last week and that gave me a reason to visit her, after 13 years.

Here're some of the familiar sceneries I used to see. [taken from 10th floor]

A newly built mosque and Stadium Negara

The trees (above the monorail train) blocked my view to my primary school [SJKC Jalan Davidson]
The road at the bottom is Jalan Hang Tuah

Menara Maybank, Menara KL, Petronas Twin Towers, Monorail & LRT Station

Me, PuiYee's aunt & PuiYee

I'm glad to see that she's recovering from her injuries. =)

Then, I drove PuiYee and her mom back to Sentul, met up with her dad and had dinner together. Thanks for the dinner, uncle!

After dinner, back to PuiYee's house and I saw.... MIMI!

Had been wanting to play on her after so many people touched her before me. I'm still her god-father okay.

Anyway, Mimi is just a nickname for her. Her real name is Yamaha Stagea Mini ELB-01. Beautiful piece of instrument.

enjoying myself though I can't really play well after so many years without practice

changing some settings on Mimi

PuiYee's turn to play

Then, PuiYee showed me a book, scores for 4 hands piano! Always wanted to play that since I watched Secret, by Jay Chou.

So, here's me and PuiYee playing simplified Laputa theme song. Don't laugh.

I will be back, Mimi... Billy, out.


cc said...

*clap* More please. :)
I miss playing the organ too. Those were the days...

puiyeel said...

Thanks for spending time to visit my aunt, she missed u, and u made her day brighter by dropping by to visit her =)
Things had changed a lot, place oso.

>_< aiyak...excuse my lauyah playing
but is fun!!!
^^ Thanks for playing with me, wonder when can we complete d song =P
I guess Mimi is very happy to have u to play on her haha, u play much better den me ma

oh, yea, i'll be proceeding to grade 11 nx mth

Billy said...

Haha.. thanks..
I wanted to play more that night but it was getting late already.
Grab an organ and do some practice. I'm sure you can play very well. =)

Ya, so many things changed. Missing those old days... hehe...
Eh, let's curi-curi go into our old school lor, want? =P

Not really lar, you play well too. grade 11 eh? Catching up already. Hehehe.. Congratz! =)

puiyeel said...

i want to curi-curi masuk again!
kevin wan oso... let's do it~!
When? XD See which day sometimes school replace saturday one...
must go in and see, sure u guys jaw drop...u can visit the school website...can see its grandness edy!

thanks thanks, which means fees also naik T-T my gawd...

Yun Yi said...

i stopped when i was in grade 3...hahaha XD

karat d :p

nice song!!!

puiyeel said...

oh ya, ur title hor...sound like u know the "i come, i see, i conquer"?
[sense Mimi in danger >_<]

And my dad say mm sai hak hei, normal-normal dinner only...
[but why was i damn full ~_~]

Billy said...

Grade 3? Why stop so early?
Hehe.. the song very simplified and we just played 1/4 of it.. coz' no practice... =P

Exactly... *evil laugh*
I think that day your dad order food for 5 people. Haha...

puiyeel said...

[sweat] hugs Mimi...nooo~~~

5 plp = 2 person! I see!

Yun Yi said...

Coz that time i'm having UPSR ma... my mum cancel all my outside activities~

and if i want to proceed to grade 4...I MUST take the exam that year...

so UPSR + practice = no time~~~~

terpaksa lo~ haha

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