Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Long Night with Drunken Masters

15 August 2008 @ Uptown, Petaling Jaya

First dropped by 1Utama because ChunHao wanted to buy a new phone, but ended up empty-handed.

Happily and scarily, we five went to Uptown to have Kajang Satay.

ChunHao, Stewart, SokBee, SiawCheng, Me

We found the shop without much efforts.

So many varieties of satays...

... but we only ordered 2 types

Mr. UK, ChunHao ate almost half of the total portion
[cannot blame him, no satays in UK.. pity]

Up next, we went to Decanter Too in Sri Hartamas.

Ordered few jugs of beers, margarita and long island tea.

Getting bored after a while, we requested for some cards to be played. The kind waitress gave us some dices and cards.

I tried to be God of Gambler but end up dice-flying everywhere

Getting bored of little games, it's photo session! We took photos like aliens who haven't seen a camera before.

Crazy Doc-to-be & Stewart

D' Guys

A series of photos that tells a tale of the aggresive Dr. Ghost appearing on the nite of chinese ghost festival trying to kill Mr. White Skeleton but ended up being good friends.

Group shot


Well, that was the very last of our beers. We went out for some fresh air. All of a sudden, people starting to go haywire.

Some started dancing with lamp post...

Some started pole dancing with trees [in which they thought is a pole on a stage]

Well, one of them wasn't feeling very good and felt like throwing up. She went to the longkang, didn't throw up.

She sat in the car, didn't vomit either.

Seems like others dropped drunk too.

okay, it's just an act =P

We head back Kepong for another round of mamak. Right after we parked our car, she finally vomitted as she opened the door.

Since someone is not feeling too well, we head home.

Driving home happily.. Eh? Someone's missing from the pic. You know who. =P

Happy outing but I think we should drink Teh-O Ais next time. At least the fluid won't come out from your mouth after you drink it. hehe... Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like a good night out

deyan said...

din call me for satay also :P
so did you perform any pole dancing (with the trees)?
don't try to hide the truth
hahahaha :)

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
Indeed a good nite out.. except the vomitting part.. =P

we didn't go to Kajang also. Just ate at PJ... Hehe...
Of course I didn't do the pole dancing lah, Haha.. I need to take photos mah. =P

s|awcHeNg said...

WL drunk till cant pole dancing also..wuahahaha...

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Gosh! Pity your friend....
Should take more pics xD

Billy said...

I'm photographer lah. I must be always ready to take candid pictures. Kekeke...

Haha... Actually got some pictures I took but cannot post here. Or else I'll die... LOLZ~

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