Monday, August 25, 2008

MIFC 2008 - Team Canada

20 August 2008 @ Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 [site] is here again. This time China, Canada, Spain and of course Malaysia will be participating.

After eating some spicy hot pots, Me, Carmen, Phuah and Eunice head off to Putrajaya to meet up with Shen Wei and her family in PICC. We're going to watch Canada's fireworks!

Luckily ShenWei got there early to get a good spot

I was setting up the little camera with my mini tripod just above 10cm off the ground. At first I also paiseh to take out my camera compared to all the pro cams behind me.

But I don't care lah, I also want to take pictures what...

Ooopz, ter-flashed [my fren said it's nice. Nice kah?]

Before the fireworks start [the lights on bridge is still on]

Here it goes! Enjoy the photos...

Here're 2 short videos for Canada fireworks. We Will Rock You [9 seconds] & I Do It For You [88 seconds].

I think team Canada did a pretty good job on the performance. I wonder which team will win. Do catch the finale on 29 August if you're interested, but go there early as the place will be really congested. Billy, out.


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Awesome Fireworks...
Too bad i duno got such thing...
If not, i sure will go there also....

Billy said...

there's still a finale on to catch if you're interested. Last year's winner, Australia will display their fireworks. =)

Jessica said... canada? from PICC? at the grass field? meaning we're watching at the same spot, at the same time eh..but not seeing each other.

i guess it's too dark..and the fireworks is too beautiful to get distracted. ^_^

Billy said...

Haha.. yalor... Too dark to see anyone's face there.

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