Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yellowman Everywhere

9 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

On the way to the train station, we saw a strange phenomenon, for whether it's plain coincidence or Thai people just love the colour yellow, most of the Thais were wearing yellow t-shirt on that day.

Maybe the photos I showed here are not significant enough to show the amount of people wearing yellow polo tee with the royal seal on it. But I can tell you, you'll go wow-ed when you saw the whole bus of people wearing yellow!

Later we found out that these people wear yellow to honour the great king of Thailand. It's said that that their king was born on a Monday and so they think that Monday is an auspicious day. Thus showing love to their king by wearing yellow on Mondays.

Me and my friends reached the Hua Lumpong Bangkok Raiway Station quite early despite we don't have any place to go with our backpacks. So, we decided to find an empty space on the floor in the middle of the station to sit and wait for the train.

Me, LeongKee, Kuan and MinBee

All of a sudden, everybody started to stand up... The noisy talking atmosphere suddenly toned down... Not long after that, we realized that we should just follow the crowd to stand up.

Listening carefully, I think the station is broadcasting the national anthem, at 6pm sharp! No wonder lah... After googling, I found out that national anthem is played twice a day (8am & 6pm) at public places and radio/ TV stations.

After that, we bought some food for dinner and boarded the train to Chiang Mai at 7.30pm. The train took off from Bangkok station at 7.50pm.

While there's nothing much we could do in the train, we took out our entertainment - poker cards & mahjong cards.

At around 10.30pm, the crews on the train started fixing the bed for us and distributing pillows and blankets. They turned the seats into a lower bunk bed in a snap!

LeongKee's bed, I sleep above him

10 June 2008 @ somewhere in the middle of Bangkok and Chiang Mai

We woke up at 7am to wash up in the train's toilet. The toilet bowl and everything is made of metal and from the hole in the toilet bowl, you can see the railway line. So, all your "outputs" will drop directly to the raiway lines. *eww*

We played cards again while having the breakfast we bought the day before.

Breakfast - chips and biscuits

Finally, we reached Chiang Mai at 9.50am!! Wheee~

More adventurous posts to come in Chiang Mai. Billy, out.

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SIMMY said...

seem like your trip in bangkok is so nice...hahaha...i never been there before dee mah

leo said...

wow~finally you got time and mood to update ur blog d hor???haha..

when will be ur next update?let me guess...maybe MArch?haha..

Boss said...

I will follow you~~

Billy said...

yes indeed. more interesting posts to come.. =)

haha.. hopefully these few days I can spare some time to update my bloggie lah.. won't drag till March.. I hope.. =P


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice train station. Wonder if Malaysian will stand up when the national anthem is played on our railway station. He...He...

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
I think they will lor...
Malaysians are so patriotic.. *ahem*

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