Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Valentine's

14 February 2009 @ WoonLee's House

This year's Valentine's Day, I celebrated with a bunch of buddies I knew from my company. We decided to eat home-cooked food as the prices outside will sure be hiked up like madness.

WoonLee was the hostess and she invited 4 other handsome males to accompany her for the night.

Eugene and HanChin scrubbing the potatoes

All of us reached rather early to help out on the preparation. Cooking isn't hard, the preparation is!

Eugene is concentrating hard not to cut his own fingers

I still remember being the spot light of my friends in last year's Valentine's. But hey, they invited me to join them for dinner and movie! =)

WoonLee teaching senior how mushrooms should be cut

This year, I didn't turn into a spot light but I became a little side kick of the big chef. I was given a bag of raw potatoes and told to make something out of them.

Me slicing the mushy-rooms

I've always wanted to make potato salad. And I did it!! So glad that it turned out fine and edible. Haha!

WoonLee focusing on frying the chickens...

...while Mike focusing not to die in the game!

After a couple of hours, the dinner is ready! Everybody helped to arrange the plates, food and drinks.

Let the feast begin!

We had mushroom soup, chicken chop, boiled broccoli, potato salad (by me), garlic bread and chilled Coke.

Later on, a bottle of Chivas popped out in front of us mysteriously and Eugene seems to be enjoying the alcohol while the rest had a few sips.

HanChin, Mike, WoonLee, Eugene and Me

Thanks WoonLee for the wonderful dinner. Really hope we can have more of this cook-and-eat sessions in the future. Cheers! Billy, out.


-siawcheng@joanne- said...

didn't know potatoes need to brush first one ok..
looks like nice dinner for valentines....=p

OMG...oni ur tat one fren finish the whole bottle of Chivas?? he's not drunk??? omg... u drink 2sip sure face red red adi...haha

leo said... fast?i still haven update mine:(

anyway, thanks for helping out~haha..

our next cook-and-eat session will be yee mee soup and wantan mee soup?haha..

Billy said...

coz I didn't peel off the skin, so must scrub clean clean before boiling it to eat.

Hahaha... No lar, he just drank a glass or two I guess. I didn't turn red okay. =.=

yea, I updated this at the office after I finish my work. Hehe...

Err... Yee Mee + Wan Tan Mee "experiment" sounds like a bit too.... simple? Haha.. Menu can man man plan one... =P

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

haha...u din turn red?? unbelievable!!! don hide the facts...=p

SIMMY said...

haha..4 guys share one girl...sure very memorable one..

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

So lovely!
Next time i shall organize something like that also...

Billy said...

really no red lah... I drank like 2 sips only weh... =.=

hahaha.. lucky girl eh? =P

yea, you should. It's fun! =)

kuanzai said...

Cool... It's time to gambateh so that next year this post's picture will only consist of 2 people. :P

Julez said...

Wish I had been there...Too bad i couldnt join you guys.'Thanks' for calling to rub it in that i wasnt there to join in the fun!! Haha.

Wonder if there'll be a next time so i can join. If kuanzai's wishes come true then i wont get to celebrate with ya edi leh! Haha

Happy belated Valentines!

Cheng_Ean said...

hey.. william.. Jen here.. hope u still can remember me..ehhehe.. 1st time browsing ur blog... somuch of food for valentines day~~ can habis ar?

Racheal Tan said...

looks really yummy...yum yum *slurpzz*

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