Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Garden Cafe

22 February 2009 @ Garden Cafe, 1 Utama

I was sincerely invited to dine in this newly opened restaurant in One Utama by Teresa Chin, my ex-coursemate in MMU. It was like a little gathering for us (ISE coursemates) also lah.

So there were XinWei, Denise, Jessica, Steven, WilliamLeong, Satkuru and of course Teresa.

This shop is owned by her sister, Tracy. I quite like the ambiance there as there's a lady playing the grand piano for their customers and greenery are all over the place.

There are cute little decos and flowers on every table.

We ordered food to eat immediately without much hesistation. Strangely, everyone ordered Western dish for there are a wide range of Asian dish too.

Denise & Steven's Chicken Cutlets

Satkuru's Lamb Shank

XinWei's Salmon

William & Jess's Seafood Olio

After dinner, we took photos endlessly just like any other bloggers' outings. With 5 DSLR cameras (I'm the only one with tiny weetsy digicam), everyone must be wondering what we are doing in the restaurant.

Assorted cakes

Desserts came after main course. Teresa promised to treat all of us dessert! wootz~!

Assorted flavours of Sorbets

I never thought she will order every single cake and sorbet on the menu. We ended up having 8 types of cakes and 6 different flavours of sorbets. All of them are very yummy though I think a little overpriced for the size of the cakes.


Me and Fish & Chips


Lastly, Teresa showed us her baby niece. I forgot her name (sorry) but she's really cute and not really camera shy. Perhaps she has potential being a model one day. =P

The food was not that bad but I think the portion should be bigger for the price the consumers are paying. But they did pay a lot of attention to the dressings on their servings and decorations in the restaurant. Good job for that!

Thanks Teresa for the desserts. Thanks Tracy for the dinner. Billy, out.

For more information:

Garden Cafe
Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-7728 6441
Email: tracy@garden-cafe.com.my
Website: www.garden-cafe.com.my

Note: Credits to WilliamLeong and XinWei for the beautiful photos


Julez said...

Gosh...the photography is beautiful! And the food and ambience look so nice.

Will definitely like to try the place one day. Since your blog has made it look very tempting. Haha

leo said...

i never been to Garden Cafe..I also want try it out next time..Jooli, can I go together with you?

haha..william looks different~haha..

Julez said...

Leo...Will love to go with you. Since somebody decided to go without us *hint hint* Haha

Yes...William looks different in the photo. Looks nice wei! (No punt intended to how he looks other days *smiles*)

leo said...

Yeah..then we two go without the fella?haha

yeah~definitely look nicer la..or maybe is because of the camera problem?haha..

Hapi said...

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Billy said...

[julez and leo]
thanks for the compliment. But if you don't want me to join your next food trip to Garden, nevermind lor...


you have a nice day too!

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Xjion89 said...

ooo, muz try then! But, every time, sure 4get 1. ahhaha(^^)

萨迦.令狐冲 said...

Omgz. This Cafe is awesome!
Muz bring someone special to go there and enjoy =)

Shaik GouseJan said...

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natasha said...

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