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Trekking in Chiang Mai - Day 1

11 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

We signed up for the 3 days trekking package from Ben Guest House. It was the first day of trekking, we started our fine day with American Breakfast right at our Guesthouse.

2 eggs, bacons, toasts with butter and jam, fruits and coffee/ tea.

Well, after breakfast, someone picked us up from the guesthouse with a Tuk Tuk and head to a local market for us to buy some necessities before going into the forest for 3 days. We're supposed to bring our own water and toilet paper (for pang sai).

At around noon time, we reached Mork Fa Waterfall.

All of us get changed and jumped into the cooling water. The other angmohs are already splashing their way under the waterfall.

The water falls from a fairly high altitude, which makes us quite difficult to stand under the falls.

We weren't exactly satisfied with the water yet when the rain started to pour. We rushed to the toilet to get changed and got back up to the Tuk Tuk. The driver took us to a shop at roadside for lunch.

We had simple fried rice and pineapples for lunch. Then we chit chat with the rest of the people who joined the tour.

Kuan, MinBee, Me, LeongKee, Josh (US), William (London), David (London), Anthony (London), Terrence (Spain), Veronika (Spain)

We rode Tuk Tuk for less than an hour to reach the starting point of our trekking paht. Due to the fact that we didn't bring any shoes on this trip, we had to wear socks and sandals.

hmm.. whose feet are whose?

That's our tour guide, me, Kuan and LeongKee

Along the 3 hour journey, we saw many stuffs. First up, buffalos. And I mean smelly buffalos in dirty mud.

Then we saw a really really long earthworm. The worm detector aka MinBee saw it.

Then, we saw this beautiful scenery from high up. We've been trekking upwards all the while, kinda tiring.

Our guide suddenly told us to get near the side. He wanted to show us something - another worm.

He poked the worm using a stick and voila, it rolled itself into a ball! Amazing...

We also took photos with the rest in our team.

Malaysians and Londoners, with our guide

Malaysians and Spaniards

Jeng, Jeng, Jeng! We finally reached our first place to stay overnight - Karen Hilltribe Village. I'll post more about the Karen Village in my next post. Billy, out.

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Borneo Falcon said...

So nice, I love hiking too

PehHwa said...

great to hike at Thailand. I like hiking 3 =)

Like to see the photos.

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