Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Burstday Mike!

4 March 2009 @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

It was Mike's birthday, we agreed to go to SS2 Murni for dinner as most of us never been there.

I've wanted to try out this famous shop in SS2 for a few times already, but everytime I came, it was very very packed and there were no place to park my car. Thus I gave up going there after a few attempts.

Jacky, HanChin, ChiaPoh, Cheryl

This time, we make it a point to go there early before it gets crowded. All of us met at the shop after work.

Cheryl, JooLi, WoonLee, Me, Wilson, Mike

It was almost 6 months since the last time we had a gathering with everyone from the TM gang. This time, not only the usual 9 were there, Wilson and Cheryl joined in too! A total of 11 people.

After halfway eating, it started to rain. Everybody has to move to the corridor with their food. See how Eugene [pic] eat standing in front of other shops. Haha!

Those who finished their food will be holding their gula-special-drink while standing at the walkway and take photos. Seriously, the drink is way too sweet.

Sorry peepz, I'm putting this because this is the only pic that ChungSeng (leftmost) take with us.

Well, after finishing our drinks and paid for the dinner, we head to Old Taste Kopitiam to continue our celebration.

We chit-chatted and caught up a lot with others who're not working at Menara TM. Finally, it's time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake.

JooLi presented our gift to him. It was a pair of cufflinks. Hope he likes it.

Last but not least, a happy group photo with everyone.

It was fun to see everybody coming out together. It's been so long since all of us gathered.

Mike wasn't feeling very well that day but he enjoyed his first birthday celebration with us here. Looking forward to our next gathering! Billy, out.


JeromeFo said...

I miss Murni Foodz ><
Those days i used to lepak alot T.T

leo said...

so happy to gather everyone...
i wonder when will be our next gathering?hehe..

Jia Xing said...

SS2 Murni!!!
you know HOW MUCH I LOVE that shop!!!

Chester Chin said...

I'm sorry to intrude in such a way but...

SS2 MURNI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the best makan/yancha place in the PJ region...period.

Plus it is freaking affordable!

Once again, sorry for intruding...just gotta vent my love for that shop.

Bradley said...

Awww that's so cool! You guys look like you had fun!

MiKe said...

Hi, thanks for the celebration! I just noticed your blog, william. Paiseh coz i always on and celcom broadband restricted me to sign in YM....

Anyway, I've fun even though I didn't feel well! Thanks all!

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