Saturday, September 22, 2007

Duo Graduation

30 August 2007 @ Dongseo University

Congratulations to ShuYun and ErnYu!! Both of them have completed their Masters of Engineering here in DSU.

ErnYu and ShuYun

Black and White gang

All the Malaysians in Dongseo, including 4 who have just arrived not long

Trainees and Graduates

ShinKeat, ChauLun, Erin, ShuYun, ErnYu, DeYan, Me [forming a V]

Another family photo outside UIT building

Praise the "ajaran sesat"~ [Taken near the International Student Centre]

@ the University Park

A photo with Ms Kim, the head of Internation Student Centre

All of us were wearing black, white and red for the photo session... What a coincidence eh? Hehe... Well, here I'd like to wish the both of them all the best back in Malaysia and hopefully we can meet again someday. Billy, out.

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7018 said...

it takes another 3 years + for me to have such ocassions T.T

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