Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trekking in Chiang Mai - A Night in the Dark

12 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the exciting elephant ride, the guys walked for 30 minutes to reach the next Karen Village while MinBee got a free ride from a local.

This time around, the houses here were much more advanced that I thought. We saw a huge satellite at the side of one of the houses!

We then put our stuffs in our room. The rooms were better and the four of us get to stay together in one.

Well, after putting our stuffs, we went exploring around the village.

The thing that caught our attention was the river nearby. We went on to take a dip in the water but we didn't stay for long as the current was quite strong. There were also buffaloes and other ang mohs bathing in the river.

The water aint very clean either. Kuan, MinBee and I quickly wash ourselves up (at the toilets) and rest at our room while LeongKee went to play soccer with the local kids and other ang mohs. Yes, this village has proper washrooms, unlike the one before.

We took photos, played Nintendo DS, chatted and very soon dinner is served.

One down side of this place we're staying is, there's no electricity at all. No electricity means no light, no fans and no aircond. That's when our torchlight comes in handy.

And thus, we had a very romantic candlelight dinner, with everyone sitting on the floor surrounding the food.

Red Curry - taste really good

Fried Bamboo Shoots

Fried Long Beans - planted locally and very fresh

Deep Fried Wan Tan Skin - quite tasteless without the filling

The night continues with beer and drinks even though we were all in the dark. I talked to Terrence and Veronika and we shared our experience. It was very nice knowing the couple.

We even saw fireflies from the balcony of the house. Oh, we were indeed excited. Too bad we can't take photo of them as they're merely visible in the photo.

There's nothing much we could do besides talking. We went back to our respective rooms at 10.30pm to get some rest as tomorrow will be the final day of this expedition, and the most anticipated activity - bamboo rafting on the river. Billy, out.

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gio said...

i am expecting...with my neck getting long n longer...

it was so nice to stay so close to the natural..and stay far away from the high tech world...

bamboo rafting gogogo~

Xjion89 said...

finally, I hv time to visit ur blog....miss u alot (as a blogger friend)...XD...hehee

btw, the candle light dinner is super syok(^^)

Ooo, i am planning to climb mount Kk. but, totally hv no idea whre to tips(^^)>?

grayspirit said...

Your trip looks like fun. What do you think about living there?

萨迦.令狐冲 said...

im wating my turn to go there.
So exiting your journey!

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