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Trekking in Chiang Mai - Elephant Ride

12 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

It was the second day of trekking in Chiang Mai. We woke up very early for breakfast and get ready for another round of hiking.

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs, Toast & Pineapples

Before we depart, couple of kids came over to our place to try to sell some of their handicrafts and their traditional clothing & accessories. Later on, our guide also brought us around the village to explain the living lifestyle of the Karen villagers.

The gang finally started the trekking journey once again at around 10am.

Up, up, up we go and green is the only colour we saw.

Kuan, MinBee, Me, LeongKee

We stopped and rest after 1 hour plus of hiking. We quickly take this opportunity to SS.

We have to walk across the paddy field. One wrong step and you'll drop into the mud.

After trekking through the woods and shits of elephants for more than 3 hours, we finally reach the elephant camp. And we saw ELEPHANTS!! *duh*

We had to wait for some of the elephants to come back because there weren't enough elephants to carry us all. While waiting, we sat down at the shade and watch the people bathe the elephants.

There was a huge one standing near our resting hut. Wanted to take photo with it but it was kinda hairy and geli, no one dared to stand near it. Haha!

We also had our lunch at the elephant camp - maggie mee. The reason they serve instant noodles is because we have to eat something light and it's easier to bring these in and cook for us. I don't mind but I heard that they have received complaints on serving unhealthy food.

Not to forget, fresh, juicy, cooling watermelon as dessert. Yummy..

While we were having lunch, the bufalloes also came near the hut for food. I can see them munching away their green stuffs.

Well well, we finally get to ride the elephant after lunch, at around 3pm. MinBee and Kuan sat on one while LeongKee and I shared another one.

The ride was SCARY! It crosses the river streams, up the slopes, down the slopes and they walk on narrow path despite being so BIG! It was like riding a roller coaster without proper safety belt on us.

My left hand was gripping on the metal bar so hard and my other hand was holding my camera tightly so it wouldn't fall off.

Along the way, some of the elephants got very naughty and tried to overtake each other. Overtaking isn't a problem, the problem is TWO elephants trying to overtake MY elephant on a "single-lane" path! *faint*

I was so scared that one of the elephants will actually roll down the hill or what. Luckily it didn't happen.

Before reaching the destination, I saw the elephant in front of me pooped and my elephant blew his nose so hard all the mud went flying to my legs and bags. Yucks!

The one-hour ride seems like forever. Nevertheless, we reached our destination after the thrilling ride. We had to walk for another 30 minutes to reach the next village. Billy, out.

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leo said...

WOW, updated:p

12june is my birthday~wahaha..
i rode on elephant before, but is at Zoo melaka la..haha..
wanna go thailand again~hehe..

gio said...

wah ~~!!
elephant ride sounds so interesting

interesting post *thumbsup*


Billy said...

Zoo Negara got elephant ride one ah? Haha.. Didn't know that.. Thought got elephant show only. Hehe...

Yes, it's really cool.
Thanks for the support. Thought you don't read my blog d. Hahahaha... I'll try to update more often. =)

Julez said...

I wanna go on elephant rides too~!
Looks like a lot of fun...the original roller coaster huh? Haha

P/s: Leo...zoo melaka got elephant ride meh? So many times i've been there but never knew. Haha

Wiccan Wonder said...

I like the pictures! Seeing pictures of a trip sure helps when I'm stuck in my office. Haha.

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