Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coldest Trip to Genting

3 May 2009 @ Genting Highlands

WoonLee's dad had a free room at Genting, thus she invited the gang to put a night there. How kind of her.

Wilson Tai Kor, HanChin Kor, Mike, JooLi and Me

The five of us departed from KL, took a bus and cable car to Genting to meet up with WoonLee. Put our stuffs and head out for dinner!

Went to first world to hunt for food and took a stroll outside.

It was a very mysteriously misty night. Wet and cold, freezing cold... I was literally shivering after a while.

JooLi and I went to meet up with Leonie, her best buddy, who's working in Genting. The rest went to casino for a gamble of luck.

The three of us went to Starbucks for a drink and had a very long chat.

Later on, we went to the casino to find the gang and found out that some of them did win some money! Wilson who won the most treated us supper at Old Town. Yay!

After supper, went back to the room. Cleaned up. Watched DOA. Took photos. Sleep.

Wilson Tai Kor, HanChin Kor, WoonLee Jie and Me, the youngest of the bunch

The next morning, we had breakfast at some kind of Hainanese shop. Most of us ordered half boiled eggs and the eggs are not cooked properly. Ended up opening up many raw eggs and getting 2 more for free.

the amount of eggs...

Before packing up and heading back to KL, we walked around and enjoy the cool breeze.

WoonLee, JooLi, Me, Wilson, Mike, HanChin

I had a wonderful time in Genting, breaking away from the hot weather in KL. Thanks to WoonLee jie for the invitation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (enough?) Billy, out.

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Xjion89 said...

I oso long time din go to genting liao./...i wan to relax there too...haha, how r u?long time no c...

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