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Kalare Night Bazaar

14 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

After we came down from the Doi Suthep temple, we bought some snacks at the roadside before boarding our tuk tuk to get back down to town.

First, we saw a stall selling corns. There were 3 last corns left and we bought it all. It's kinda different how they prepare their corns compared to those in Malaysia.

3 cups of corns for them, not me.

Then, we saw this stall selling some sort of sausages and fish balls. It looked really yummy and we bought one stick to get a taste of it.

To our surprise, the "sausage" is actually stuffed with rice. It has a strong pepper smell and the taste is not bad after all!

Then we boarded our tuk tuk and told the driver to drop us at the night bazaar. Before anything else, we went to the nearest public toilet to take a leak, and I saw this...

...a counter collecting 5 Baht per entry and a HUGE LCD Monitor on top of it. I wonder when will Malaysia's public toilet evolve to be like this. Hehe...

We walked around the Kalare Night Bazaar, most shops are selling the same thing; t-shirts, decos, jewelries etc etc... There is where each of us bought a cute Chiang Mai t-shirt.

Well then I saw this sign - Pusat Informasi Pelancongan Islam. Wow, can't believe there are agencies taking care of the welfare of the muslims in Chiang Mai too. Haha... I'm giving free ads to this company.

We walked to the food court for dinner. It has a lot of stalls with all sorts of food you can think of. Food courts as usual, has variery but not quality. The food has nothing much to boast about.

After a while, we heard some music and there were dance performance at the centre of the plaza. I head over to take a look and shot some photographs.

A video of the dance: [warning - boring dance]

Not really satisfied with our dinner. The four of us continue walking around to hunt for more stuffs to munch on.

LeongKee and MinBee bought a crispy pancake each, from this stall. She chose pizza with chocolate flavour while he chose ham with strawberry flavour. Hmm... Both flavours didn't sound very appealing to me.

Ah, don't pretend. I know it's not yummy. Haha!

We walked all the way back to our guesthouse with a lousy map, but luckily managed to scrap our way through.

Then, we discussed with the owner of the guesthouse to arrange transport for us to get to the border of Thailand, because we are going to LAOS! Long journey to Loas though. Billy, out.

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