Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ISE Little Gathering - Part 1

11 October 2008 @ Italiannies, Sunway Pyramid

It's been a long time since I last met my coursemates from MMU. So, XinWei called us up for a little gathering.

XinWei, Denise, Teresa

There were only 4 people that turned up, the rest are either too far, too busy or too hard to contact.

So, we went to Italiannies for dinner and ordered a 3 course meal. First off with the starter - Ceaser Salad.

Here comes the main dish - Shrimp Linguine, with lotsa shrimps.

Last but not least, the dessert - Bread Pudding! Yummy~

The food we ordered doesn't look that much but they're all quite filling. =)

After dinner, we went to Redbox Karaoke but we didn't go in because the price is too expensive! We opted to sing in the afternoon the next day.

To be continued... Billy, out.

Note: Photos courtesy of XinWei and his Sony Alpha 300

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deyan said...

wow...sounds cool...
suddenly come out sony alpha 300 pula...

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