Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Burstday Carmen!

5 October 2008 @ Shogun, Sunway Pyramid

After Redbox buffet and Yuen buffet, here comes another one, Japanese buffet at Shogun.

It was the birthday eve of Carmen, one of my buddies from UTAR.

When I reach, I was surprised to see so many girls welcoming me were invited, and most of them are strangers to me. I thought Carmen only invited few friends from UTAR.

So, I started fetching food to eat and as usual, I take photos of food before eating.

Suddenly, I remembered someone told me that Shogun disallow their customers to snap pictures of their servings. I confirmed that when Phuah told me the waitress warned him not to take any pictures of the food.

Reluctant to keep away the camera, I took pictures of the food with my food models.

Carmen & Fish

Loh & Noodles

JJ & Mussels

Carmen & Prawn, JJ & Snail

While everyone's stuffed, photo session's next.

Carmen and her secondary school friends

Carmen and her UTAR friends
Loh, Carmen, Phuah, Kenneth, Me, JJ, ChoonKiat [topleft, clockwise]

Phuah giving away the birthday present

Some of the presents she received that day

I've not been able to attend her birthday parties for 2 years and finally I made it this time. I'm really glad she invited me for the dinner [I'll be glad-er if she pays for it]. Haha...

Another year passed, enjoy your life while you can! Happy Burstday, Carmen Lim! Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! You were surrounded by girls. First time I heard a restaurant so strict and can't take photo of the food.

CH said...

yer hoe sam you lar! didnt attend people's party for 2 years, and u still want people to pay for ur dinner! U SHOULD HAVE PAID HER DINNER INSTEAD!

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
hahaha.. most of the girls I don't know one... Anyway, I didn't get to talk to them also..

Yalor.. very strict ler.. want to promo their food also cannot =(

One time I was busy another time I was in Korea mah.... So not my fault also.. hahaha....

Shogun not cheap weh... =\
*pokai pokai*

Carmen said...

Thank you Thank you Welliam. As ur friend said, you should pay me! XD
Anyway, i can introduce any gal of them to u if u r interested XD

CH said...

u watch less few movies and eat lesser can already =D

u know, round face =D

Billy said...

Wuu.. Wu..
Everyone wanna cheat my money~~ HAHAHA =P

watch less movies and eat lesser won't help much...
Coz most of the time I eat because got celebration like this....
Me no round face.. =(

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