Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mooncake Festival Far From Home

14 September 2008 @ Taiping, Perak

After a long day of hiking up Bukit Larut, we had BBQ for supper with everyone. It's the last team building activity for the whole 2 weeks there.

The BBQ will start late and so we ordered McDelivery for our dinner. Right after dinner, we started lighting up the lanterns bought from The Store.

Yes, it was the mooncake festival and a bunch of us Chinese fellas had to celebrate far from home.

Me, WoonLee, JooLi

Senior: "That's how you hold your lanterns nowadays"

After all the lanterns were lighted up with candles, all nine of us decided to walk around the football field, which is just in front of the BBQ area.

L-R: JooLi, Me, WoonLee, Mike, Jacky, ChungSeng, ChiaPoh, HanChin & Eugene [not in pic]

Me surrounded by lanterns

After being the centre of attention in the 130+ people there, some Malays and Indians also wanted to play with the lanterns. So here we have the Malay lantern models!

Some of them also walked one round like we did. Some asked why we walked around the field. Some asked about our chinese tradition. Some asked about mooncake festival. Some just couldn't care less. =P

After playing with lanterns, we had some BBQ food for supper.

Group pic with our penghulu, Najib

Stuffed and cam-whored, we realized we still have two packs of candles. We then lighted the candles on the floor to form number "23" to celebrate Jacky's 23rd birthday.

It was a really fun day though we were all very tired after coming down from Bukit Larut.

This is my second consecutive year not able to celebrate mooncake festival with my family. I'm glad that there're a bunch of people to celebrate with me. Thanks people! Billy, out.


leo said...

wow!we blog the same thing la wei..
next time right, i just copy n paste urs enuf d..
i misss those days at taiping~although we need to attend boring classes, but we had lotsa fun there..hee..

Daryl Teo said...

Wow it's great to see all so muhibbah playing tanglung together! Really warms the heart! Onward Malaysians!

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