Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pulau Perhentian Day 3

17 March 2008 @ Pulau Perhentian

It's the final day of our vacation in Pulau Perhentian. We woke up early to hunt for some souvenirs and then had a western style breakfast. After filling our tummy, we head back to our rooms to pack up everything to get ready to leave. While waiting for our boat to get ready, we grabbed our last chance to take photos all around.

Bye bye Cocohut

See you palm trees and beach~

Waiting with our bags...

I thought we will have more time to stay longer on the beach as we're suppose to take the 4pm boat back to Kuala Besut and the 9.30pm bus back to Kuala Lumpur. The bad news is that the 4pm boat service is not available till end of March, we had to take the 12noon boat. So I don't have any more time to enjoy the sunny beach and kayak.

I wanted to....

PuiYee and me hiding behind a tree

Khik and his girlfriend in front of a tree

EuHua busy taking photos [and picking up skills to be a professional shooter]

Looking at the sea of Perhentian for one last time

The boat is here!

30 minutes later, we reached Kuala Besut jetty and poor PuiYee is soaking wet because she sat at the very front of the boat [where all the water came splashing].

"I feel salty"

We took our lunch at a nearby shop, buy more souvenirs [really "am dam" (literally means heartache) when we saw the huge difference in price at jetty compared to the souvenirs at the island. Seems like souvenirs that had a boat ride to the island are doubled priced], clean up all the salt on our face and body, slept a while and took taxis to Jerteh bus station.

We then went to KFC for our dinner and sat there and chit chat for about 2 hours to kill the time. But time really passes very quickly when you're not aware of it. I thought the 9 hours wait [12.30pm to 9.30pm] will take forever to get by. It wasn't that bad after all.

KFC in Terengganu!

Finished our chick-a-dinner

The bus was late again and that really made us worry. Nobody wants to get stuck in the nights of Terengganu for no reason right? Well, the bus did came 30 minutes later and we all safely reached KL before dawn. All of us didn't get much rest on the bus as we're all alert everytime the bus turn or brake. [Aihz.. so scared lah]

EuHua, PuiYee and I had mamak breakfast while we waited for the trains to start operating and head home by train. That marks the end of my journey to Pulau Perhentian. I'm missing that place already but I think I'll fly if I'd ever go again. Billy, out.

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puiyeel said...

ah...actually u shud b the one at the front of the boat... ~_~ oh well (could so imagine that XD)

seriously missing that place already too, it was really a great breakaway T-T after a loooong while, altho i was sick, but it was totally great trip!!

i love how we all go photo shooting macam shutter gila humans XD
oh man, baby's gonna sleep for a long while, till then i dono when...

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