Monday, July 21, 2008

Angkor Small Circuit

3 June 2008 @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

There're two routes to follow if you are going to visit the temples in Angkor. So, we took the Small Circuit as a start and here some photos of the places we visited.

Banteay Kdei - The citadel of chambers

monks coming out from Banteay Kdei

Then, we crossed the road [from Banteay Kdei's East Gate] to get to Sras Srang. It's the royal bathing pool built in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII. It looked more like a lake to me.

Notice the little kid to my right? He's actually trying to sell us something but we gave him some sweets and he took photo with us.

Up next on the route is Ta Prohm, the famous "big tree" filming location for the Tomb Raider movie.

It's one of the big trees in there

See how the big tree grow on walls

Had coconut drinks again to satisfy our thirst

Continue on the track will lead us to Ta Keo, the last temple of the day. Ta Keo is a pyramid of five levels reaching the height of 22m.

There were so many signboards around

steep small steps

We then climbed to the top of Ta Keo hoping to see the sunset from there. The mighty sun is not on our side again as dark clouds and strong winds approach. It's like a sand storm up there!

gosh, it's so high up here

can't get a good shot 'coz the sky's getting dark

We quickly made a jump shot and head back down. Phew, the rain starts as soon as we got onto our car.

Tummy's growling after a long day. We head back to town for dinner, real cheap dinner. Billy, out.

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