Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All the Best, My Friend

13 July 2008 @ Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion, KL

All were gathered to have our last dinner before Daniel fly off to USA. So, we went to this Japanese Restaurant in Pavilion, Ichiban Boshi.

The food - I can't remember the names but I do know there are rice, noodles, chicken, beef, fish and soup. [duh!]

side dishes

The people - MMUians. Too bad KeatMeng and AhYe have to leave early and this is the only good shot I have of them.

PingNee, Daniel, AhYe, KeatMeng, Teresa

The rest continue to chit-chat and debate.

XinWei & Teresa arguing who has a louder voice...

...while Jess and Denise SS-ing

Matching pinkies [DeYan & Teresa]

VoonFei, Me, Jessica, Steven, Teresa

VoonFei, Teresa, Jessica, Steven, Denise

What can a bunch of young adults do after dinner? Supper time!

Yes, we eat again, or more so drink at KTZ in SS2. Everyone's busy talking and no one took photo of the food.

Everyone take turns to take photo with Daniel before we bid goodbye to him. Smile!

I was checking out the Photoshop installed few months ago and I did this.
Pretty cool eh?

We had a nice dinner and supper. All thanks to Jessica for organizing and calling everyone up. She also contributed to some of the photos in here. Thanks, Jess!

Daniel should be flying off to North Carolina within these few days. Wish him all the best and hope to see him around next year! Billy, out.


samantha said...

haihz. i hate friends farewells, so to speak..

but the Japanese food looked yummylicious! :)

Billy said...

Well, I don't like farewells too but this is life. We have to make extra efforts to make sure we stay in contact with our friends even they're far apart. Right?

The food's not bad. You can check it out if you like Japanese food. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi William, I couldn't express my billions and billions of thank you to you guys for all the things that you guys have done! Flying off tomorrow, having weird kind of feeling...feeling excited and at the same time feeling leaving this place too soon....

haha, anyway, u re right, this is life, just make sure we keep in touch! All the best to you too!

Enjoy life~

Billy said...

Hey Daniel,

Safe journey tomorrow ya. Do keep in touch... =)

Yeah, Enjoy Life! Just like the motto in my blog.

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