Thursday, July 03, 2008

Walking Around Siem Reap

2 June 2008 @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

After we checked in, it's time to explore the little town. We got ourselves a map from the guesthouse receptionist and started walking around and look for food.

Along the road, we saw many shops. What intrigues me is that most of the signs are written in Korean! I was wondering whether I was in Siem Reap or Seoul.

According to our driver, Sovoeun, the Koreans are currently the number one tourists in Cambodia. That is why a lot of sign boards are written in Korean, and they even sell Soju here!

Then we saw Cambodian style wedding. It looks like an Indian mix Malay mix Chinese kinda wedding, with banana trees hanging at the side of the canopies [Indian], two chairs for the bride and bridegroom side by side like Bersanding [Malay] and the wedding car is decorated with red "double happiness" [Chinese].

After walking around for quite some time, we managed to find a small stall that sells bread. Thus it became our first meal in Siem Reap. It tastes not bad though.

It's called Numpang Raksaid in Khmer

The official language in Cambodia is Khmer. Sovoeun taught us some basic words like Sues'day [Hello] and OhKun [Thank you]. Well, OhKun for reading and I'll show you Artisan Angkor in my next post. Billy, out.

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Daniel Tan said...

Wow...the scene of Siam reap is nice man! got Korean sommeore...Seems like u have fate with "Korean", probably should consider Korea as ur career prospect, haha

Billy said...

[daniel tan]
Haha... yea.. I was shocked to see so many Korean signs around. I wish I can live in Korea, if I can make them speak more English and bringing M'sian food over. Hahaha.. =P

deyan said...

hey, I thought you went to Korea again...haha, quite surprise when I looked at your photo...anyway, did you test their Soju :P

Billy said...

Haha... surprise leh.. It looks the same lah... no need try.. Dowanna get drunk on the first night.. haha

The Bimbo said...

Hi Billy! I dropped by from BE. :) You're at Siem Reap? I was there last year and made many friends. I stayed at a place opened by Australians called Rosy Guest House... you have to check out Siem Reap Cafe.. I love the people there! :)

Billy said...

[the bimbo]
Hi! I'm back home in Malaysia now. I stayed at the Ivy Guesthouse. I think I missed the Siem Reap Cafe. But anyway, thanks for the info. =)

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