Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pit Stop 1: The Golden History of Angkor

2 June 2008 @ Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap, Cambodia

A lot of things has happened these few days. But I still have to update something from my trip or else I'll get some whinning. So here goes.

Everyone put a night at my house before we left for the airport at 4.30am.

Checking in Air Asia to Siem Reap

First SS shot for the trip [more to come!]

We're off the ground

It says "Siem Reap Internation Airport" [Don't ask me, I just know]

Yeah!! It marks the start of our 22-days journey

From the airport, we met Mr. Sovoeun. He drove his uncle's car to pick up tourists to earn a living.

He became our personal driver cum tour guide for the next few days and he's really good and honest. And he's only 23 this year.

If you need a taxi in Siem Reap, do contact him at 012-491227 [handphone] OR [email].

Checked into our guesthouse [Ivy Guesthouse]

Small toilet

It's quite decent but the weather is HOT! [wished there were airconds]

As usual, I'll be posting a lot of photos with little descriptions so that you don't get bored with words.

Next will be the walk around town and stepping into the Angkor complex. Billy, out.

Next post: Walking Around Siem Reap


Yun Yi said...

the cloud pic is so nice^^
nice timing
nice color
nice cloud arrangement

*thumbs up*

hahaha :p

Billy said...

Yea, the pic is beautiful. That's why I post it up. It's taken with MinBee's Nikon D40. There're few more of the cloud shots but I think this one's the best. =P

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