Monday, June 30, 2008

Gathering, K-style

28 June 2008 @ Little Korea, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

This gathering was pre-planned many months ago, for SuHan to meet up with everybody else in KL. She has been finishing her studies and working now in Melacca all this while after we came back from Korea's internship together.

[left to right in heads order] Kylie, ChinNam, SuHan, ShuYun, Me, ShinKeat, DeYan, PeiSi, ChauLun

It's been almost one year since we all last met, so I suggested to have a Korean style gathering since everybody missed korean food so much. So we went to Little Korea in Ampang for lunch.

물냉면 [Mul Naeng Myeon] Cold Noodles

순두부 찌개 [Sun Du Bu Jji Gae] Hot and Spicy Tofu Stew

What's Korean food without unlimited 반찬 [Ban Chan] side dishes

Everyone's busy eating while Mr. Baek's busy socializing

Another special guest for our gathering is ShuYun, who completed her Masters in Dongseo University, Korea. She's been a great Nuna [sister in korean] bringing us everywhere and spending time with us in Korea. We'll never forget those moments. =)

ShuYun and Me

After lunch, we went to Lotte Mart which is on the same row as our restaurant is. Looking at the things sold feels like we're all in Korea again. I bought Milkis [milk and soda carbonated drink], and so did the rest.

I love the taste of Milkis [it's expensive leh]

Too bad SuHan and ShuYun had to leave early, or else we would had gone to another place for Sam Gyeop Sal [Korean BBQ]. Anyway, glad to meet them again and hope to have another K-style gathering soon. Billy, out.


deyan said...

hey, how come I did not notice you taking the second photo?
Everyone is busy with their food but you "curi-curi" take photo of us :P

Billy said...

I haven't got my food yet mah. So play with my camera first lo. Nice what... =P

Yun Yi said...

:p :p :p :p
somebody miss korean food eh~~~
i miss malaysian foodddddddd!

Billy said...

[yun yi]
yalar... missed korean food a lot weh... =(

gio said...

my position not strategic leh..

lclun said...

"Hands and Legs Up"...I second to deyan's comment. Say me socializing wer...he didn't ask us to join pun =)

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