Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Members of B&B Backpack Gang

A little history of B&B:

B&B was formed by Kuan, MinBee, LeongKee and me. It is the name of our group who always go to trips together. The first time we use it was the trip to Taman Negara. [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3]

Then we also went to Kota Kinabalu, Johor, and many many other celebrations together.

Initially, B&B stands for Beauty and Beasts but I think it'll sound better if we change to Beauty and Brains. Each member has a nickname that end with ~B too.

This time, only 4 members of B&B gang head out for the 22-days backpacking challenge. They are...

Kuan - The leader, The oldest, The navigator

MinBee - The photographer, The secretary, The grandmother, The alarm clock

LeongKee - The mysterious I-have-no-opinion guy, The camcorderman

Myself - The banker, The doctor, The youngest but smartest

I can't wait to plan for our next trip already, though this one is not over yet. Hehe.. B&B Forever! Billy, out.


Anonymous said...
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beaubee said...


how dare u say u r the smatest between us?

Billy said...

I striked it off already what...

Jessica said...

walaoooo..ur face look HIDEOUS. terkezzzuuttt saya tau?!! haha...
anyway,i suggest you should entitled your gang as beauty and the GEEK, same as the reality show i've been watching now and then. hav fun! @jess

Billy said...

I know.... I said already, I was forced to put that picture. =(

Beauty and Geek is copyrighted lah. Can't simply use. Haha.. Beauty and Blains sound good what. =P

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