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Adventurous and Challenging Trip to Taman Negara - Day 2

Day 2 - 9 August 2006 - Wednesday

Day 2 is more interesting that day 1 definitely. I think we were awaken by the voice of Min Bee around 6.30am. Too tired and too relectunt to wake up... yet everybody get out of their bed lazily because we knew that it will be a wonderful day. =P After washing our faces and brushing our teeth, we walked down to the stream to enjoy some morning breeze and cool water. After having our breakfast at 7.30am, we get ourselves ready to trek to the nearest waterfall, "Abai Waterfall" [Abandoned Waterfall?]. Actually visiting the waterfall wasn't in the schedule but we decided to skip the hiking at Bukit Warisan and trek to the waterfall instead. The sign indicated that the waterfall is just 3km from where we stay. And we took off happily....

Abai Waterfall
The trail looks fairly easy at the beginning. Just walk, walk, walk and walk... Finally, we reach the first river and we need to cross it. It was quite easy but the trail was getting tougher. We reached our second river which is tougher but we managed to cross it without any problem. About mid-way to the waterfall, we reached a Orang Asli Village where I can only see one house with signatures on it. [You call that a village?!] There were just 2 guys there, one of them is playing a guitair in the house. [They don't look like natives to me...] So, we rested for a while and continue our journey. We reached the third river and it's much tougher and more slippery than the previous 2. Yet, we were able to cross it smoothly though few guys wet thier shoes. [Poor them.. kekeke..] After crossing the third river, the trail gets much tougher. We have to climb rocks, walk over logs, uphills, downhills.... and we reached our fourth and final river, the toughest one. We spent a lot of time there crossing one stupid river. Min Bee stood on the rock for like, 10 minutes without moving a muscle? I was getting a bit impatient and try to cross the river from another side without using the rope and I got one of my shoes soaking wet, how clever I am.

I was starting to worry whether we were following the right path because it seems to me that we will never reach the waterfall. After walking for some time and climbing over a huge rock, we finally reached the waterfall. But it was a total dissapointment. The waterfall is PATHETIC! We have been trekking for 1hour 45 minutes and this is what we get. Anyway, we stayed a while to check for leeches and some of them went for a swim. Unfortunately, Kuan had a dead leech in his shoe with blood all over his sock and shoe. We spent quite some time there enjoying the cool water and the journey back starts again after they dried themselves. Going back seems to be faster but we got lost once. Luckily I found back the right path and we reach our room safely. Leech check: 3 survivors [not bitten by leech]: Min Bee, Leong Kee and ME!! =P Whoa~ what an adventure I would say.

Canopy Walk
We were late for our lunch but our nice guide, Ajax, waited for us for our next event, Canopy Walk. We took a quick boat ride to the place and we were briefed about the Canopy Walk. It is the longest in the world. Wow! It's about 500++ meters long and 40++ meters high. One of the highest also I think. We were divided into groups of 4 and were told that we should keep a distance of 5 meters from the person in front of you when you go onto the bridge. There are total of 10 bridges and 9 platforms. We were the last one to get on so we waited quite a while before we reached our turn.

The view from the platform was fabulous. We can see a lot of nice scenery from up there. Took a lot of pictures of course but we were only able to take photos for people in group 2 using Yan Hui's camera. Not much to talked about here.. We just enjoyed taking pictures and looking at the beauty of mother nature. Though the bridges are only 500m long, we took more than one hour to complete the walk as there are a lot of waiting and no overtaking. hehehe...

Rapid Shooting
As soon as we reach the shore of our campsite, we were told that we have 5 mintues to change into bathing suits because our final event is Rapid Shooting! [woo-hoo! The one I anticipated most] To my [tiny little] dissapointment again, we basically just sit in the boat and splash water at each other. We had lots of FUN though. The boat we sat in just go forth and back along the river and the people in the boat will put their hands into the water and splashed it to the people at the back. Saddeningly, me and Kuan sat at the last row of the boat and we were the victims for that event. The people in front were having so much fun splashing water at us and all we can do is just cover our face and let the water splash. Aihzzz... After lots of splashing, the boat stopped at one place and let us swim there. The current was quite strong, so I dare not go far from the shore. While I was floating happily, Min Bee threw dirt at me. And so, we had a dirt fight. I got my ears and hair full of sand while she only got it on her clothes. I guess I'm just bad in aiming. Hahaha..

It was only around 4pm something after we bathe and changed. The guys started to gather on the beds and play poker. To add some fun into it, the loser has to pluck a hair from his leg. Kuan was the big "winner" as he lost about 70% of the game. So, we played till around 7.30pm and had dinner. After some rest, we gathered again ourside to play some stupid game. We had 2 bottles of wine [1 red 1 white] and played "Bluff" card game and "Truth or Dare". I was the winner for Bluff but a victim during Truth or Dare. I was always being used even though someone else were daring. Anyway, we had fun and there were lots of laughter as we played. I can't tell much in here as the things we said were supposed to be kept secret. =P We played till 2am and everybody slept soundly after that.

Whoa, another long post eh. I think I missed out some details as I'm trying to cramp everything into one post. Overally, day 2 is the day we enjoyed the most and also the most tiring day. There aren't much left to talked about on day 3 but yet I'm going to leave it for the next post. Cheers! Billy, out.
to be continued...

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