Sunday, August 20, 2006

Adventurous and Challenging Trip to Taman Negara - Day 3


Day 3 - 10 August 2006 - Thursday

So this is the final post about my trip to Taman Negara. Again, the first person to wake up is Min Bee. She turned on the light and everybody just woke up lazily around 7am. We washed ourselves, packed our things and brought our luggages to the eating area where we took our final meal there. After our breakfast, we went down to the jetty for our express boat back to Kuala Tembeling. Took some photos and we finally say bye bye to Nusa Campsite at 9am.

Riding the boat back to Kuala Tembeling is much faster than going there because we are following the current of the river. We were finally able to sit together - the 8 of us. The guys played poker and the loser drinks water. After a while, we got bored and started doing something else, chatting, listen to music, take pictures, pretend to sleep... and so on. Hehehe... On the way back, the engine of our boat broke down, so we stopped in the middle of the river waiting for another boat for "rescue". The driver took some time to fix the problem and I can say it's really hot sitting in the boat - without the wind. We reached Kuala Tembeling at around 11.30am and after some "toilet-ing", we got on the bus back to KL. What a rush... We left Kuala Tembeling at 12 something and we finally reached KL at 3pm something. All of us slept in the bus after finishing most of the snacks we bought.

Then, we took monorail to KL Sentral and had our quick lunch there at KFC. We missed the ERL train back to Cyberjaya by one minute and we have to wait another 30minutes for the next train. Aihzz.. So, we waited and the train finally came. This is the first time i took a KLIA express. It's quite comfortable in there. I tried to make some SMS but almost all of our phones are out of battery. [too bad..]

We reached Cyberjaya around 5.30pm. Miss Yoon was rushing to go somewhere and Leong Kee was rushing to go back to Seremban. The rest of us? We went back to clean ourselves up and get ready to go to The Mines to watch "Click". Besides the six of us, Min Hui [Min Bee's sister] and Alfred joined us as well. The comedy was quite nice and the ending is a bit out of what I think it would be. [I wouldn't use a universal remote control the way he used it though] After the show, we had dinner at Hassan's, Cyberjaya. Luckily, Kuan, Min Bee and Yin Yee accompanied me during the night. Or else, I'll be all alone. Thanks, guys. So, I stayed overnight at my apartment with Kuan and went home evening time the next day.

Post-trip feeling
The last time I went to [overnight] trip with a gang of friends was 5 years ago?!! Gosh! That was so long ago... I always enjoyed myself when I'm with a bunch of friends. This is not excluded of course. I always love to go out instead of staying at home and rot. Hahahah... This is a memorable trip and I'll never forget those happy moments we had. I hope we can always organize trips and stuffs in years to come and I'm looking forward to the next trip too. =P Cheers for B&B!! Billy, out.

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