Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Future, The Dream?

Arrhh... Almost 2 weeks already since my last post!! OMG!! Actually I wanted to blog since last week, but I dragged and dragged and dragged on... until today, which I didn't intend to blog because later got 8am class. Somehow, someone influenced me by writing a comment saying that I'm a lazy blogger. That's the motivation I guess. Hahaha...

Recently, I've read about Kuan's and Leong Kee's blog on their passion and love towards making games. After reading their blogs, and had some serious chatting with some friends, I started to wonder about my future, my desire, my dream. What is my dream? To tell the truth, I don't know actually. When I was in secondary school, I thought that IT would be a good route for me as I have interest in IT. Although many people advised me not to take IT because it's a "dead" route where there are too many graduates already. Of course I managed to do some research and get opinions from experienced people and I believe there are still a lot of vacancy for IT graduates. So, I decided to take ISE in university.

So here I am in MMU, but the road ahead of me is still in a mist. I might have good grades but I think having a goal and vision is more important. I always thought that getting good grades will be my ultimate goal but I was wrong. Getting good grades is only a tiny bitsy short term goal only. What really makes your value goes up are the skills you have. It's not only the technical skills but also interpersonal skills. I think both are equally important. I see a lot of people who can do well in exams but they have poor technical skills, and one of them is me. =P So, I think I have to really brush up my programming skills.. a lot.. hahaha.. "MMU is one of the worst in producing grads" by Brett, CEO of GameBrains. This is just an opinion by someone in the industry when asked about the grads in Malaysia.

Hmmm... I don't know what to say now but I guess everything will come into places when the time comes. I just need to grab the opportunity when it flows by. Maybe I'll not go into the IT industry next time. Who knows? Anything can happen right? I think what I need to do is to continue my short term goal by working harder (I'm damn lazy now) and try to discover the inner me. Hehehe.. =P

Actually wanted to write something about GDC booth but looks weird when previewed it. So, it's taken out. Thanks for the suggestion anywayz, Eliecia. I guess that's all for this post. I don't think I'm able to create any lengthy post with my rate of thinking and typing. But I do hope I can achieve it someday. Haha.. Time to sleep loo... Gosh, I've only got 2 hours to sleep. Billy, out.


Anonymous said...

HaHaHa! You actually quoted what Brett said in you blog!! He said MMU produces "Mouse Monkeys" *LOL* Which is quite a sad and cruel fact.. hehe

It IS a bit weird when you blog something out of the topic, i mean, about the GDC Booth. Hehe. Redundancy..! =P Perhaps in your next entry, XD


Solid-X said...

ahhh ... bill's is getting stronger lolz XD gambateh dude lolz no vision no life

kuanzai said...

Discover your strong point and enchant it. How to know what's you strong at, ask yourself what's you love at :)

Tan Eu Hua said...

Don't be influenced just by what people say, you need to find the fact yourself. Most people said that IT route is "dead" because they don't really understands how wide the field is. It is not true because as the technology grows, we need more IT experts to be in the field. Maybe because they are a lot of graduates in this field however they do not have the practical skills required by the corporate. Most students they learn what they taught and then forget about it in the next semester, or just study to target a good grades in exam. You are not suppose to wait to be spoonfeed with news, but instead update yourself with information. Put what you have learn into practice, you need what you have learned throughout the semesters, no just learn and then forget. Skills need to be sharpen or else they will become rusty. Keep doing projects and learn, and someday you will know what your true passion is.

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