Thursday, July 20, 2006

Life Sucks without Internet

For the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing frequent disconnection of the Internet. At first I thought it was all "TM Nutz"'s fault. But since last week, we (me and my housemates) found out that it was the modem that is creating the problem. So, for the last 7 days, I was totally disconnected from the "outside world" (THE MIGHTY INTERNET). Hehehe.. It really sucks when you have things to do and mails to check. Most importantly, I miss all the chatting with my friends. Hahaha =P Well well, I have no choice but to use my free time between lectures to go to the lab to online. Poor me~~

Finally, I am able to go online again starting today! Thanks to my friend, Alfred who drives my housemates to The Mines to buy a new modem. Phew~ I don't know how to live my life any longer without Internet. Hehe..

Flash Workshop & Game Design Workshop

As kuan has summarized in his
blog, me (only actually) has officially started my duty as a HR Manager. I am very happy with the response by the members. I never thought I can get all the positions for both events filled within 2 days. Thanks to all the participating members. Now, I hope that all the organizing committees can work together very well to make these events sucessful. =D

For those who are interested in participating in the workshops, so check out the details from the
GDC website.

National Mathematics Competition 2006
Calling all maths experts. Don't miss this oportunity to prove yourself. Join the National Mathematics Competition 2006 now!! The winner of this competition will get RM1000 cash + gold certificate. For more information, click

Hope you guys don't mind a bit of advertisement here. Hehehe.. =P Billy, out.

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