Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The First Post

Finally... I have finally opened my very first blog. Have been reading other people's blog for some time. Always wanted to open one but drag and drag until now. time constraint? laziness? I don't know but finally I got my own blog. Woo-hoo~ Probably because the people around me started to blog too. Hehehe...

So what's up recently? Nothing much happened really. Just sprained my ankle on Monday when I play basketball with a bunch of friends. Since then, I have been limping everywhere I go. It's kinda obvious I guess. I think it's getting better today as it's not as painful as yesterday. Bought some mediacation and bandage at Watson's, Alamanda just now to wrap up by foot. It's kinda tight and my foot can hardly breathe.

Well, well, talking about Alamanda.. Went there with Kuan and Min Bee to stock up some stuffs. But before buying anything, we had trouble deciding where to eat our dinner. Went to McDonald's, Secret Recipe, and finally decided to eat at Pizza Hut. Ordered a 4 person set meal and basically me and Kuan had to eat almost everything because Min Bee ate 2 slices of pizzas only (oh.. and a bowl of soup). Gee.. I'm damn full now. Still got a piece of Secret Recipe's cheesecake in the fridge waiting to get into my stomach. =P

I think that's all for my first post here. Just wanna remind all GDC members that the GDC AGM will be held tonight 8pm at XR1002. Billy, out.

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kuanzai said...

Hey, finally you blog liaw lehhh. good good, more ppl more meriah mahh. keep up woo!

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