Thursday, July 13, 2006


This post will be about GDC AGM which stands for the Annual General Meeting for Game Developers' Club. Phew.. A long name. I guess there will be at least 3 people writing their blog about this event. All new bloggers, sure hardworking to blog more lah. Hahaha...

So, it all started when the hi-comms gather at the venue around 7pm something to do some preparations. Getting ready the power point slides, hanging the banner and chit-chatting around. Until around 7.45pm when the members started pouring in. I was hoping that at least 100 members will turn up (I know it's not going to happen =P), but there are around 50 members who attended the meeting. I think the response is not bad lah, about 25% of our total members leh~

The meeting started with a simple introduction to the GDC's president and vice presidents. Then continues with the talks by the three of them about the upcoming events and so on. I wasn't really concentrating on what they are talking about because I was too busy taking the attendance of the members. And after that, I gotta distribute the survey forms to them. Luckily Alfred was there to help me out and everything was done at the same time as the the president and vices finish on their talks. Phew~

Next up, a simple ice breaking game. John divided the people into 4 groups. Game programmer, Game Artist, Game Designer and the Consumers (Gamers). The game designers were supposed to find their own team comprising programmers and artist to create a game that they think that it's marketable. Then, the consumers will be the judge to give points ranging 0 to 10 to each team. All 5 teams put in a lot of creativity and cool ideas into their game. The teams were given only 10 minutes to think of a game and 3 minutes to present their ideas. In that short amount of time, all sorts of ideas spurs out, MMORPG, 2-players RPG, WarGame and etc. Eventually, the team "Ancient" (pic) won with their idea of a 2-player RPG. I think that it will be quite an interesting game to play as it has a lot of player-and-player communication. That will add a lot of fun to the game. And they won themselves an original game called "Lords of Everquest". The meeting ended around 11pm.

Gee.. My eyes can barely open now. I'm drop dead tired. Billy, out.

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kuanzai said...

aiya! faster than me! Coz i don't have the picture bahh. Else i will faster :P BTW, enough summarize wooo.

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