Monday, July 17, 2006

Crazee Days

There are actually so many things to write because so many things happened but I think I'll just sumarize everything in one post. It all started on Thursday night...

Alfred, Eddie and Solid went all the way to MidValley Megamall right after class to buy the board games RISK and Cluedo. Gee, I don't know what to say... So, when they came back, of course we played the games. 6 players, 2 board games. We started with 2 rounds of Cluedo (a detective game) and then one round of Risk (war game) (pic). We finish at around 6am and I won the game of Risk. Yippee!!

Woke up around 1pm to study for the Object-Oriented Programming lab test. Went home after test at 11pm.

10am: Left my house
11am: Redbox in Sunway Pyramid with my UTAR friends
3pm: Ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid [too bad no pictures of this]
4pm: Left Pyramid
5pm: Reach Midvalley Megamall to meet another friend who can't make it to Sunway Pyramid. Window-shopping for a while then decided to eat at Manhattan Fish Market. (pic) Actually we just wanted to find somewhere to sit and chit-chat. So, we ordered a dish and sat there for almost one hour. After that, we walked around and took some stupid pictures. Then decided to go mamak "yum cha".
10pm: Reached SS2 mamak but it was too packed. So, we went to Starbucks in Section 14, PJ instead (pic). Each of us ordered a drink and talk and talk and talk and take pictures and talk and talk and talk until midnight.
1am: Reached home safetly.
Total spent: RM76. A lot or less? I don't know but I was very happy to be able to spend great moments with my friends. =D

Do nothing much actually. Sleep till very late because I was very tired. Reached back Cyberjaya at 10pm and played another round of Risk. This is the second time I play this game and I won again. How lucky! Hehe...

My mouth is drooling with my eyes looking at the "siew pau". Can't wait to eat them. Hehe.. "Siew pau" feast time. Billy, out.

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s|awcHeNg said...

hahahahaha...ur hair~~~

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