Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Happening

24 June 2008 @ GSC, 1 Utama

It marked the end of our 22-days graduation trip to Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

Everybody's turned darker, but it was a great trip. We decided to eat Bak Kut Teh as dinner and watch a movie for celebration.

Due to the fact that we have lost contact with the cinema for 3 weeks, we don't know which show to watch. After voting, majority chose The Happening.

The four of us didn't know what the heck The Happening is all about. We just chose it because we like the poster and it looked rather mysterious. We entered the cinema hall without a clue what the story line will be.

The movie is rather interesting and the idea is quite unlike the others. As usual, there're some expected scenes and also some unexpected outcomes in the show.

For you who haven't watch the movie, I'd just say that many people died and whoever killed them is remained unknown. For me, I think it's the yucky greenish thingy that's killing everyone in town. Never thought it'd be them eh. =P Billy, out.


gio said...

when u know is mr M.Night Shyamalan film, then u can guess wat kind of movie is this liao..

moral behind this story is the hot topic.. global warming...=.="

Billy said...

Haha.. I don't recall watching any of his movies though I've heard his name before.

Ya, global warming but they're still the yucky greenish thingy. =P

Jessica said...

show me show me...i wanna see your perfectly-beautifully tanned FEET!! hahahaa...such nice zebra-lines there.. :P
Should go see green giant monster instead of watching yucky greenish thingy ma~~~~~ it's awesome!!


Billy said...

HAHA.. you ask me out then I can show you my perfectly-beautifully tanned feet lor. =P

What's green giant monster? o_O?

vIn said...

I don't really like this movie. Prefer reading, more thrilling feeling. For me, the mist is way better than this. Both movie almost the same genre.

Billy said...

I think reading is always more descriptive compared to watching a 2-hour show. But I read too slow. Took me six months to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I didn't read much after that book. Haha...

Yea, The Mist is similar, with different killer. But the ending of the show is a bit "zha dou" [speechless] These are not my favourite genre of movie actually. Prefered a little more fantasy type. =P

gio said...

there r some RED leaves ok...
those yucky reddish thingy...=p

eg. sixth sense..lady in the water..

Jessica said...

alah...of cz i'm saying Mr. HULK when talking about giant green monster. @_@ duh~~
wah, need me date you out o? i'm waiting of ya.....(tucking my hands out...) actually~~HAHA!!

Billy said...

Haha.. okok...

owh.. Mr. Hulkie ya... Jom let's go watch the green giant =P

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