Friday, February 16, 2007

Kota Kinabalu - Day 1

On the 10 January 2007, I've taken a ride on a plane for my very first time. I was flying to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!! I went to LCCT to catch my flight at 9am.

(top) me, Eddie, Bee, Josh, Kuan, Kuan's bro, LeongKee, Ian (below) Key, Vinn @ LCCT

Eddie, me and Josh inside the plane ^^

And so, we reached KK 3 hours later and everyone is dead hungry. So dropped our luggages at Kuan's house and went to a nearby stall to take our lunch. We had ABC, cendol, fried mee and kuey tiaw, chee cheong fun and sabah's "yao char guai".

Yum, yum.. everyone's eating~

Then, we went to the park just beside the stalls, Taman Tun Faud. It has a huge lake and many people were jogging there. We relaxed, enjoyed the scenery, took some photos and drove to a beach in KK.

point here, point there @ Tun Faud Park

Eddie, Bee, me and LK @ the dirty beach

It wasn't really a good impression to see a dirty beach like this. We hoped that the beaches we are about to see in the next few days will be better.

Can you see how dirty it was? *yucks*

Very soon, we're back at Kuan's house for a short rest as it has been non-stop going around since we got down from the plane. Some of us played a board game called "Cluedo" brought by Eddie all the way from KL. Haha.. And around 7pm, we left house to a restaurant for our ver first seafood dinner in KK. We had crabs, prawns, fish, "xu zai choi"(vegetable) and deer meat. Most importantly, I wish to express my gratitude to Kuan's parents because they are the one that pays the bill. Thanks a lot!

I like the prawns the most. =P

Going back to Kuan's house after dinner hoping to call it a day? Nah.. The night is still young. We went out again after a short while.. to the cyber cafe. We played a round of DotA, won the game and went home.

The CC has 2 storeys and it's packed!

Yet, people are still reluctant to sleep after such a tiring day. We played Cluedo again, took turns to bathe and finally went to bed very late at night.

As you can see, I've put up a lot of photos in this post and will be the same for the coming posts. Hope you won't mind for it to take some time to load. =P "A picture says a thousand words" Well, I prefer to put a picture than writing a thousand words though. Hehe.. That's all for the Day-1 of my trip to Kota Kinabalu. Day-2's post shall be out after my CNY holidays. Happy CNY and cheers! Billy, out.

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