Monday, February 26, 2007

Kota Kinabalu - Day 2

I just came back to Cyberjaya after one whole week of CNY holiday. It was a very tiring week as I have been out to "bai nian" since the first day of chinese new year until the 7th day. Phew~ It was a great start for the year of boar though I lost some money in gambling. Hehehe.. Now, my mind's full of assignments. Aihz.. But as promised, this is the day-2 post for my trip to Kota Kinabalu.

KK scene: Sea + mosque

My day-2 started very early in the morning. For the sake of enjoyment, I sacrificed a lot of my sleeping time. =P And so, we got up around 7am (the sun rises and set 1 hour earlier in East Malaysia) and went to a famous shop to eat roasted duck Wan Tan Mee with Kuan's parents. Josh's not satisfied with the noodles and he ordered a few "siew pao" to eat. Right after finishing our breakfast, we went to the Jesselton Port to take a boat to Pulau Manukan. The island is one of the islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. All the fishes are protected there and if anyone is caught fishing, they will be fined.

Waiting for our roast duck breakfast

To Manukan Island @ Jesselton Port

So, we took around 15 minutes to reach the island.Before we step out of the boat, we enjoyed looking at the different types of fishes swimming in crystal clear water. Hell, I've never seen such beautiful water in my life.

Me, Kuan, Bee on the boat

Fishes + Crystal Clear Water

While others were still shooting photos and enjoying the view, me, Kuan and Bee went to the lobby to check in. We've booked 2 chalets which costs us around RM200 per chalet. We dumped our luggages at the waiting room, rented some goggles and life jackets, changed into swimwear and jumped into the water for snorkeling! Before jumping into the water, we actually visited the Marine Research Centre (looks more like a musuem) where inside were a lot of corals, shells, fish bones and etc etc. A very quick tour around the centre and off we go into the water. Weee~~

Entrance @ Manukan Island

Whale's Bone @ Manukan Island

The water is nice but too bad the sand is too rough with a lot of dead corals which makes the floor too spiky and hard to walk on. I was quite excited as this was the first time I went snorkeling and I've been longing to snorkel for a long long time. We managed to lure some fish over to our hands using some bread we bought. It was beautiful, fishes swimming around you, some of them nibbling your fingers. Too bad there were no photos taken because our cameras are not waterproof.

Back from snorkeling ^^v

After that, we went to the shallow side to play water. It was very relaxing lying on the beach where the water splashed on your feet every few seconds. We stayed in the water until our skin got all wrinkled. Washed off some of the sand at the public toilet and to the chalet we went. As I stepped into the chalet, I was quite stunned as the place was really cozy and nice. We took turns to bathe while the others watched tv, rest at the balcony and eat maggi mee lunch. Suprisingly, Ian manged to contact someone and bought a carton of cheap Tiger beer. We drank some beer, played some cards and rest.

Chalet bedroom (1st floor)

Chalet living room (ground floor)

At 4pm, Kuan asked me whether I wanna go to the Sunset Point, a place where we can see sunset (duh!) And so, we borrowed a torchlight from the reception counter and started to follow the trail towards sunset trail. The trail is about 1km long. As I lifted up my feet for the first step towards Sunset Point, I kicked on a rock and injured my little toe. Thankfully the kind hearted receptionist gave us a plaster to seal my wound. Off we go~

Sunset Point @ Manukan Island

We reached the Sunset Point way too early. The sun is still very bright up in the sky. So we waited and waited and waited. Key arrived to Sunset Point and together we waited and waited and took some photos and waited. Finally, the sky's getting dark, but, we can't see the sunset. The sun was blocked by the clouds. Saddening... Spent so much time there to see sunset and in the end, just a bunch of dissapointment. Aihz... Can't do much, we just tracked back to our chalet. I was very very tired then, dropped dead on the bed and I was sound asleep very quickly. Someone woke me up around 8pm to go out to the beach to watch some stars. I was such a lazy piggy head that I prefered to lay on the bed and continue sleeping. Around 10pm, I woke up and had another meal of maggi mee. Delicious eh? After that I watched a show with my friends, took more photos and went to bed again.

What a mess...

That's about it for day-2 @ Manukan Island. My housemate was hungry and he ordered some popiah to eat. Looks like my plan to lose some inches after the celebration of fat pig CNY is not going to start today. *yawn* Billy, out.

Next: Kota Kinabalu - Day 3

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