Sunday, July 06, 2008

First Meal in Cambodia

2 June 2008 @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

It's lunchtime! We walk towards the old market of Siem Reap to look for clean, cheap and nice food. But it was around 12noon at that time and we couldn't resist a cup of cold sugarcane water.

The stall wasn't very appealing as there're millions of flies and bees around it. Mr Sun was too happy showing its big smile and we were all desparate to get a cold drink.

So, we thought the RM100 Hepatitis A vaccine we took before we went there should be able to prevent us from serious cirit-birit [diarrhea].

And we bought it for 1000 Riels each and nobody had cirit-birit that night. It tasted like sugarcane + orange but I'm sure he didn't add any orange into the drink. Perhaps the taste comes from the flies and bees. =P

We then walked further up to eat at Ancient House Restaurant. Each of us picked a dish and we shared the food with plain rice.

Fish with Chilli - picked by LeongKee

Amok Chicken [local delicacy] - picked by Kuan

Fried Pork & Ginger - picked by me

Curry Siem Reap Chicken - picked by MinBee

All four dishes taste good but we starved quite long before the food finally arrive to our table. I'd say MOST of the restaurants in Cambodia takes a long time to prepare the food.

After filling our tummies, we head back to our guesthouse for a quick rest. Later in the evening, we'll go to buy tickets for the Angkor Complex and see sunset! Billy, out.

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deyn said...

the food looks delicious as well..
how much is it compared to the price here :P

Billy said...

[deyn] or [deyan]?
it's a bit pricey, around USD$3 to USD$4. We didn't have time to look for the cheapest one around coz too hungry already. Haha...

Daryl Teo said...

Yummy! Thanks for pic of Amok fish. Haha! makes me feel like going back there. Yeah i had street food there too. No cirit birit oso. Just came back from screening of Hancock. Quite smooth, u look up name under blogger list. They give u tickets. No cheesey publicity gimmicks or answer 10 questions about NuffNang. Haha! Movie was pretty good too.

Billy said...

Yea, they're nice but I don't feel like going back there now. Haha.. But their food not much variety, always the same menu only. Kinda sien...

Wow, you went to the Nuffnang Exculsive Screening?! Cool... I couldn't take part coz I was in Thailand that time. Didn't have much time to blog about superheroes. =P

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