Saturday, July 26, 2008

Red Cliff & Dark Knight

23 July 2008 @ GSC, One Utama

Promised XinWei and Denise to watch Red Cliff Part I together, and we did.

Seriously, I learnt most names from the game I played, and I don't really know who's whose enemy and who's whose friend coz' I never read the story. It'll take me a decade to finish the book if I ever started it.

I still enjoyed the movie overall. Great movie. Anticipating the 2nd part of the movie.

25 July 2008 @ Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara

Finally, watched Dark Knight with ChunHao [just came back from UK] and SiawCheng.

The show was more than 2 hours and I was afraid to miss Nicol David's semi-final match in the Malaysian Open 2008. Lucky enough, I made it just in time.

Back to the movie, it managed to kept me awake, unlike BLue. Seriously, Joker is one of the best, evillest, funniest villain in movies so far. That makes the whole story interesting.

Oh, one more thing. The BatPod is way cool! =P

Ain't gonna write a lot of stuffs on the movies coz' somebody complaints that my movie reviews are boring. So, that's it, 2 great movies. Billy, out.

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