Sunday, February 07, 2010

Triple Birthday Bash

18 December 2009 @ New York New York Deli, 1 Utama

It was my first time dining at New York New York. Have always wanted to try it since Kuan told me he went to the Singapore one more than a year ago.

We had our triple celebration there, a triple birthday bash for Colin (1/12), Bernard (7/12) and myself (30/12).

The food served are mostly pasta, pizza and western. My favz.

My Grilled Salmon with pasta - It's heavenly!

Fish n Chips, Some other pasta and a really big Meat Platter

our cake

our presents

Good food. Lotsa presents. Great companions. Love it. Thanks all for the presents! Oh, and I'll definitely visit this place again. Yummiez~ Billy, out.


Julez said...

*slurps* yummy yummy~~

p/s: no pic to show how HUGE the meat platter? Scared it over shadows your hansome-ness kah? kekeke =P

Billy said...

because my favourite dish is my salmon pasta! =D

leo said...

Is the food nice?
haven got the chance to try yet..

Billy said...

it's yummiliciously superb!

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