Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Snowed in KL

25 December 2009 @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

We heard that KL was snowing every night at 8pm before Christmas last year. So JooLi and I went to witness the strange phenomenon.

Pavilion shopping mall was crazily crowded. We went Sakae Sushi for dinner before watching the snow. I had my WORST experience in Sakae Sushi ever. Anyway, I think I'll elaborate in my next post.

Before 8pm, everyone gathered at the main entrance. I guess the snow would be coming down there... *DONG!* It strucked 8pm and snow flakes popped outta nowhere at the main entrance!

The people were crazy pushing here and there fighting to taste the snow while some of the visitors were stucked outside trying to get in and some stucked inside trying to get out. Luckily we were at the first floor. *phew*

Then, went to buy a cup of Ice Blended Peppermint Dark Chocolate and go around to snap pictures. Yummmmiezzzz...

It was fun watching snow, from far. And how sakai-s jump up and down seeing chemicals shot out from the ceiling dropping on their head. Hahaha... I took a short video on the snow. If you are sakai enough, can click play to watch. Enjoy!

Billy, out.

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