Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Worst & The Best Experience at Sakae Sushi

From my previous post, I mentioned that I had a terrible evening at Sakae Sushi Pavilion right? Well, let me tell my story...

When we reached the shop, we were prompted immediately by a staff to usher us to our table, and it has the biggest LCD screen I've ever seen in any Sakae Sushi shop. *excited*

We ordered 2 cups of green tea, 1 bowl of unagi rice and some sushis.

After a while, a waitress brought only ONE cup of tea and told us in Mandarin that they are short of cups and she will bring the second cup later.

We waited...

And waited...

About 15 minutes later, we got our bowl of rice. Second cup of tea was not there yet.

During the whole waiting time, I heard people cancelling their orders, complained that there were no sauce plate and etc. I had a really bad feeling already...

30 minutes passed. Nothing came. We cancelled our remaining dishes and head to the paying counter.

10 minutes at the paying counter we stood, waiting for someone to collect our money. And finally someone came to the counter and we left the shop after paying. Pissed.

They were short of staffs and their servings was so slow and terrible but they never warn any of the customers, letting them wait and wait and wait pointlessly.

Few days later, I went to their website to lodge a complaint for their poor customer service.

After one month or so, I got a surprise call from Sakae Sushi asking whether I receive any apology call/email from the branch manager. I said No. He apologized and escalated this case to another person who is also called William.

He called me and apologized again and promised to give me a RM50 voucher to dine at Sakae Sushi to compensate the bad day I had at Pavilion. Wow, am I excited or what!

2 weeks later, I gave a call to William telling him that I will be going to Sakae Sushi at Bangsar for dinner. He reserved a place for me and had one of his staffs serve us personally.

We ordered some slightly pricey set, which was really good, and some sushis. On top of that, we were given complementary plate of Salmon sashimi and Coconut sorbet! They also gave us mayonaise and sweet soya sauce without requesting for it. And also, our tea were refilled so frequently that the tea will never go below half the cup.

Geesh, I felt like a VIP in the shop man!

After I used my RM50 voucher, I just need to pay an extra RM10 for the most sumptuous and delicious meal I've ever had at Sakae Sushi. Thank you Sakae Sushi! Billy, out.

Updated on 18 March 2010

I went to Sakae Sushi again yesterday. The branch manager recognized me and greeted me. When I asked for my bill, my two green plates sushi were waived of its charges. How lucky I am! =)

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Brother Bear said...

u so rich... nonid voucher la.. gimme better...

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