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My Surprise Langkawi Vacation (Part 3)

16 November 2009 @ Langkawi Island

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After lunch, we headed out again with our black horse! I realized our rented car was not featured in any of my previous posts. So here it is!! Ta-Da!


All I can say is... the car is drivable. Other than that... *ahem* the window gave me problem - can wind down but cannot wind up. The worst happened on the last day when the engine couldn't start and we were stuck in the rain.


Getting back to our trip, second day after lunch. Our first destination was Telaga Tujuh. It's quite a distance from where we stayed (Kuah town).

What I saw from the entrance to Telaga Tujuh was a steep slope upwards.
"Are we supposed to climb up these stairs?"

Fun facts: There are 638 concrete steps with 45º to 60º steepness all the way to the top. That's more than half of the total steps in Batu Caves!

see the drama king and drama queen..
haven't start climbing already pretend to pant

Believe it or not, we rested only once from the bottom to the top. At the top of the Telaga Tujuh waterfall. There are pools of water gently flowing from one to another. I suppose there are 7 pools of water there, thus the name Telaga Tujuh (Seven wells).

We were lucky there were not many people around to spoil our photos. Hahaha...

JooLi and I

little kid playing with water

We didn't get into the water coz we didn't bring extra clothes to change. We didn't bring extra clothes because we're going to the cable car next!

Not far from Telaga Tujuh, there's an Oriental Village, which sits the entrance to the cable car!! We planned to take the ride in the evening to catch the sunset. Ooooohh.... I was so excited!

Map of Oriental Village

Crossing a lake

Finally, the base station of Langkawi Cable Car. We got bad news... It's closed due to the strong wind and bad weather. Damnit! And it'll still be closed for the next 2 days for maintenance. Damnit x2!

Fun fact: Langkawi Cable Car is the Longest Free Span Single Rope Cable Car - 919.5m [Malaysian Book of Record]

We had no choice, we walked around and saw this deer and rabbit farm. I went in to take a look. Awh, these creatures are so adorable.

Little deer living harmoniously with wabbit.

I don't dare to go any closer

I saw someone selling deer and rabbit food for RM1. Without hesitation, I bought one to feed the rabbits. After I started feeding them, all the other visitors also went to buy food to feed the rabbits. Hmmph! Copycat.

But I was the first one to feed. All the rabbits love me. Hehehe.. See how they crowd at my feet. Nobody wants to be fed by other tourists. Neh Neneneh~

I fed almost everything to the rabbits and left only about 1/10 for the deers. Because the deers are smelly and aggresive. If they know you have food, you'll get a lot of attention from them.

There were nothing much in the Oriental Village, mostly shops selling souvenirs. Oh there's one thing that caught my attention though - Segway. Didn't rent it coz I reckon it won't be cheap.

Anyway, it started drizzling a bit when we left the place. We bypassed the Petronas Quay and decided to head down for a walk. Bought ice-cream and looking at the yatchs dreaming about my future yatch.

Me and my favourite yatch (among those that I can see)

We were heading back to the hotel already when I saw the signboard "Beras Terbakar" (Burnt Rice). I thought of giving this place a shot since the sky is not dark yet.

We followed the signboard and reached a place with lots of shops that were going to close already. We thought the beras terbakar place also closed lah, but I walked in to take a look.

There it was, still open, inside the compound of a beautifully architected Malay house. To my disappointment, it's just a small area that's fenced up. Nothing much to see.

There was also a small boxed up plate with some burnt rice and a piece of paper telling the legend of the rice. Read about the legend here.

So, that's about it. We went back to Kuah town for dinner and CHOCOLATES shopping spree!

our dinner

We bought lots and lots of chocolates from the duty free shop. Geeee, I love chocolates. Haha... It was a tiring day going around Langkawi. That's the end of my second day. Up next, my last day in Langkawi. Billy, out.

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