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My Surprise Langkawi Vacation (Part 2)

16 November 2009 @ Langkawi Island

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Second day in Langkawi. We have booked a tour for island hopping and were told to wait at the aquarium.

Well, the driver was a little late to pick us. Nevertheless, we reached the little jetty at 9.30am. We waited some more...

package price list for island hopping tours

many boats were parked near the jetty

We handed RM70 (RM35 per person) to our guide and went down to get our boat. We shared a boat with 2 other couples and 2 ang moh ladies.

JooLi, Me and the driver

First stop: Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of Pregnant Maiden). The driver stopped right in the middle of the waters and mumbled "On your left, Pregnant Lady Island". That's it.

As I was sitting at the back of the boat, I can see the ang mohs looking left and right wondering what to see when the boat stops. I think a Malay guy told them to look over to see the shape of the pregnant lady.

See the body of pregnant lady lying down?

After seeing the shadow, of course we have to drop by the island lah. Nobody warn us about bringing plastic bags on this island, but we knew because JooLi went to this island before. Why can't we bring plastic bags? The answer is...

This blardy island is infested with MONKEYS! They are the Dayang-Buntingians! They stay there, they multiply there and they attack plastic bags! The 2 poor ang moh ladies were attacked because they brought plastic bags to this island (refer pic above). Yes, the blainless Dayang-Buntingians thought there were food inside.

I walked extremely slow and extremely careful and holding my pouch extremely tight because yours truly has Maimouphobia. Ah, those memories keep haunting me!! Ok, cut it!

There's a lake and a platform for people to sit, kick the water and jump into the water. We rented a solar paddle boat to go around the lake. Kinda fun and relaxing though, coz you can paddle yourself to go faster or depend on the solar to cruise slowly around the lake.

When we went back to the platform, we saw a bunch of people putting their feet into the water and fishes were wriggling all over their feet! Must be kinda geli for those who can't stand slimy stuff. Hahaha...

Last photo at Pulau Dayang Bunting

We headed back to the boat as were only allowed 1 hour there. But one of the couples were late for 20 minutes. Argh!! We were all losing our patience because the couple saw us waiting and still taking their own sweet time to the boat. Grrrr...

Our next destination: Eagle Feeding. It was quite a distance from the island to the feeding ground of eagles. Before we could reach the feeding grounds, rain started hitting on my face. I had to keep up my camera from getting wet. It was a painful journey to see the eagles... but it was worth it.

I really thought they would turn back to the jetty and cancel the tour coz the rain is really crazy. But the driver keep on going.

Though it was raining, the eagles were still very active hunting for food. This was my first time seeing a real eagle dive down to grab fish from the water with their talons. I must admit that these flying creatures have really good eye sight from the top and very good accuracy. (well, they do miss sometimes)

Last stop of island hopping: Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island?). More like Pulau Badan Basah... My whole body was soaking wet when we reach there. But nevermind lah, we'll jump into the water anyhow.

Contemplated a while before I decided not to put my sexy photos at the beach here. Too sexy I scared some people will suffer nose bleed after seeing those pics. See, I do care about my readers! *grins*

Had quite some fun playing with the waves in the sea. Saw a jelly-ish coral or something floated to the beach. Didn't take any photos coz my body was dripping wet.

I think we stayed there for another 1 hour or so. Cleaned up with well water and changed into dry-er clothes and head back to town.

The driver brought us back to the Aquarium to get our car. We were so hungry we couldn't resist the cucur and pisang goreng sold near the place. Yumzz!!

Head back to hotel, bathed, had lunch and we were out again. And that will be in my next post. Billy, out.

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Edna Lyris said...
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Edna Lyris said...

Hello, I'm a new tourist of Langkawi here hahah and I want to ask a question about the price of the tour. In the sign board, it is said that it is RM 45.00 per adult, but you paid for RM 35.00 per person. Is there any spesific discount about the pricing? I would be happy if you could see this and explain immediately due to the trip tomorrow aah thankyou very much^^

Billy said...

Hi Edna,
I'm so sorry, my trip was 6 years ago and couldn't really recall what happened then. But if I remember correctly, I didn't book the tour at the jetty. I booked my tour by making some calls and they quoted me RM70 for 2 person (without knowing how much was the actual tour price).
Sorry that I can't help much. Hope you enjoyed your stay. :)

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