Monday, January 11, 2010

Ipoh Food Rocks!!

17 October 2009 @ Ipoh

A long day driving around sight-seeing, all were hungry and headed to New Hollywood Restaurant for some good food.

Lo-Bak, Mee Jawa, Nasi lemak & Char Kuey Tiaw

They were all gooooood and I realized one thing. Ipoh Char Kuey Tiaw always have some chilli sauce at the side of the plate one. Is it the trademark of Ipoh Char Kuey Tiaw?

The Holly Wood Shop

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest as the weather is unbearably hot to go anywhere. I used the free spa voucher while the ladies went for a massage. The Spa at Regalodge was not bad but it'd be better if there's a companion to talk to... Hahaha..

In the evening before the sun sets, we decided to get healthy. We went to a HUGE park. HUGE park means LOTS of people.

There's a big field and a jogging track around it. There's also a skating rink and a playground for kids. People were selling kites and balls for the families who'd like to have some fun with their children.

We put on our running shoes and started brisk walking on the jogging track. I thought it would be a perfect time to flex my muscles, so I started jogging! Yeah, and I always tell my friends that jogging is one of my least favourite exercise. *sigh* What to do, getting fat mah...

Right after our "intense" exercise, we went to eat Ipoh's most famous Beansprout Chicken Rice! (See! Eat again) I have been waiting for this meal since we left KL. You know why? Because that was my first rice meal after 3 days of eating noodles only...

We didn't go to Lou Wong Restaurant (the more famous one I assume). We went to Onn Kee instead. But when I stepped into the shop, I saw all these photos pasted on the wall. Seems that many reknowned people came here for the chicken rice! Michael Wong, Alan Tam, Eason Chan, Penny Tai and etc just to name a few.

We then took a stroll at the night market near the shop but there's nothing interesting there. Went back to the hotel again, clean up and changed into nicer clothes because we're going to Indulgence.

From the outside, it looks like a mansion. Inside there, it's actually a restaurant and a boutique hotel. The room rates can go up to RM790 per night!

The restaurant is more like a cheaper version of fine dining. Looks good! And the owner of Indulgence, Julie Song has won various awards for it!

Obviously we didn't stay there lah. We ordered some drinks and desserts only. Apparently, the restaurant doesn't open everyday. Its opening hours is only Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 11.30pm.

JooLi and the drinks

Our brownie!

I kinda like the ambience of the restaurant. =)

That's the end of my Day 2 in Ipoh. Can my tummy fit in more food? Definitely! Day 3 coming soon. Billy, out.
To be continued...

Note: Credits to Bernard's camera and JooAnn's photography for most of the photos

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