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Ipoh Train Station & Gunung Lang

17 October 2009 @ Ipoh

It was the second day in Ipoh, continue from previous post.

Early in the morning, Colin brought us to the "House of Mirrors" for breakfast. It's known for the mirrors hanged on the whole one side of the wall. Us being greedy, we ordered almost everything that is sold there.

Ipoh Gai Si Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken Noodles) with Beansprouts is a must-have if you visit Ipoh. Other stuff that we ordered - Pork Satay, Chee Cheong Fun, Popiah and the irresistible Caramel Custard! If you're going to this shop, you really have to try the Caramel Custard! *slurpz*

When I went out of the shop only I know the real name of it - Tian Jin Restaurant. English signboard were no where to be seen, but you can recognize the shop beside it (Kafe Zun Seng Fatt).

spotted Lee Wan Wah (ex national badminton men's doubles player) and his wife May Han

After breakfast, we drove to the Ipoh Train Station. It's really big, 8 railways and a hotel on the upper floors.

ticketing counter

taken on the bridge to cross to the other platform

hotel rooms

We then took a very old lift to get to the upper floors to see what's up there. We have to open and close the door of the lift ourselves and there is only 2 buttons (up or down). Watch the video of us taking the lift!

old lift

Then, we headed to Gunung Lang. There's a lake there and the scenery was spectacular.

We bought some fish food to feed the fish, and ducks.

Then we paid RM3 per person (if not wrong) to take a boat to get to the other side.

On the other side of the lake, there's a big park. There are wooden houses, ostriches and deers, and a 4-storey tall view tower.

Me, Colin, JooLi and JooNa at the View Tower

View from top

Paparazzi shot another paparazzi taking pictures of another paparazzi taking jumping photos of JooLi and I

That's just half of the second day in Ipoh. More yummy stuff for lunch, dinner and supper! Billy, out.

To be continue...

Note: Credits to Bernard's camera and JooAnn's photography for most of the photos.


Chun Hao said...


Julez said... come i dont have some of the pics wan? Like the 3 girl's jump shot?? I wan!! Haha

Billy said...

Yes yes, i got you.. No need repeat so many times...

It's from Bernard's camera. =)

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