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My Surprise Langkawi Vacation (Part 1)

15 November 2009 @ Langkawi Island

It all happened on the 13 November 2009. I went to Coffee Bean with JooLi and the BIG SURPRISE was revealed. She gave me the last piece of the puzzle-card and told me that we will be taking off to Langkawi in 36 hours time!! GOSH!!

She knew that I've never been to Langkawi and I really wanted to go there someday. It was my early surprise birthday gift from my dear JooLi. I couldn't think straight at that moment. Had a few moments when I feel like pinching myself asking, "is this real?".

Finally I managed to calm myself down, went home and packed. It was my firsts time having to pack in such short notice and I almost had a heart attack.

JooLi and I @LCCT

So we had a morning flight from LCCT to Langkawi. As usual, Air Asia was delayed but who cares, I'm damn excited. My first time going to Langkawi!! Yay!!

We were lucky to reach the Langkawi airport terminal safely before the rain started pouring. We rented a car and head towards Kuah Town for our hotel. We stayed at Grand Continental Hotel, which is not grand at all.

It was getting late, so we quickly checked in and hunt for food. Well, Langkawi isn't really famous for their food I guess, we just went for the fastest, easiest and nearest choice - KFC.

We saw that the sky is getting dark and it's going to rain soon again. But we took our chances and drove to Kota Mahsuri.

Kota Mahsuri tells you all about the legend of Mahsuri, a beautiful girl that was accused of cheating on her husband and was killed. She knew that she was innocent and thus she put a curse on Langkawi island for 7 generations of bad luck before she grasp her last breath. Read more at Wikipedia.

The museum had all those artifacts of potteries, weapons, money etc etc. We were there at the right time as the movie about Mahsuri was about to start. So we grabbed a seat and watch the short clip.

It's interesting... Now I know the whole story of Mahsuri. Honestly, I don't know a shit about this girl. All I knew was she was killed and there were some white blood or something. Hahaha...

So there lays the body of Mahsuri - Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Tomb)

We then went on walking around the Kota. There were a few types of animals reared in cages, interesting animals... and I don't even know what kind of animals are those, except eagle and peacocks.

Burung Helang yang gagah~

Traditional Malay House

Pulling the pail of water up from the Telaga Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Well)

There was nothing much to see in the Kota actually. All of a sudden, I spotted HER!! It's Mahsuri!! I peeped through the window to see the legendary beauty...

... on a painting!

Our next destination is supposed to get to the cable car, but we saw dark clouds all over the direction of cable car. We went to Dataran Lang instead. The instance that we got down the car, it RAINED! Aren't we lucky that we can just hop back into the car or unlucky that it's raining again?

So we drove to the nearby duty free shopping mall and walked around till the rain stops. Then we went to Dataran Lang again.

a must have photo with the eagle in Langkawi

Apparently, Langkawi is derieved from the word Lang (Eagle) and Kawi (Reddish brown). So, Langkawi means Reddish brown eagle.

Flying without wings

We stayed there for a while till the sun was setting...

At night, we drove to Cenang beach area to look for food. There were quite a number of shops in that area and it was tough finding one to dine in.

We tried our luck at Lucky Restaurant and it wasn't that bad at all. Just slightly pricey but affordable.

Sipping our refreshing coconut drink

What's a holiday in Langkawi without alcohol right? Before we went back to the hotel, we walked around the Cenang row of shops and dropped by a mini mart to buy drinks and snack for supper.

I was not feeling very well that night, especially after the drink. I think it was the sudden change of weather that was causing my headache. I had to rest early and the next day will be a long day for both of us. Billy, out.

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-siawcheng@joanne- said...

when u said, what's langkawi without alcohol...i ingat you will change and really buy those 'more' alcoholic drinks lorrr..........xD

Anonymous said...

Hi..Me & my to be hubby is planning to go to langkawi for our honeymoon...We are confuse between the hotels...We have zeroed down benjara & four seasons...Can you please help us with ths?

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