Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eat My Way to the North Again

17 October 2009 @ Kuala Lumpur towards Ipoh

After the anniversary trip to Penang, I headed north to add more pounds to my weight. This time it's with JooLi's family.

There were 7 of us in 2 cars. Colin, her brother-in-law is an Ipoh Mali, so he led the us all the way throughout the whole trip. Before reaching Ipoh, we had a pit stop at Bidor for their famous duck mee. Strange enough, none of us ordered that!

Wu Kok (Yam Ball) & Wan Tan Mee

After our brunch, we continued on the road to have a slightly late lunch. First meal of the Ipoh Trip - Yong Tao Fu! The shop is called Dai Shu Tao (Big Tree) near Pasir Pinji. Obviously, it's indeed under a big huge tree.

From the outside, you can see people queueing up to pick their food. They have quite a lot of variety to choose from and it's dirt cheap compared to the prices in KL.

Colin ordered a mixture of Yong Tao Fu plus 2 bowls of Laksa. The Laksa tasted not bad though.

Out of all the Yong Tau Fu, I love the Fried Turnip most. I've never tried that in any of the Yong Tau Fu shops in KL, and it's super duper yummilicious. Colin tried to get more food for second round but some of them were sold out already.

JooLi and I at Big Tree Shop!

Before checking into our hotel, we went for an afternoon coffee break. Drove to the town to drink the original Old Town White Coffee.

I never knew the famous Old Town White Coffee where you can see everywhere now is originated from this shop - Nam Heong. According to Colin, the shop opposites Nam Heong sells pretty good Kopi-O.

Apparantly, the name white coffee doesn't have anything to do with the colour WHITE. It's just the way they roasted the coffee beans with no sugar resulting a less dark roast.

We checked into our hotel at around 4pm. We stayed at Regalodge Hotel, which was pretty good. They have big rooms to accomodate more people. Our room has 2 queen sized bed, one big LCD TV, a mini fridge with free food and drinks. They also gave us free entrance ticket to the Spa For Men and free massage for two.

Everybody cleaned up and rested for a while and we're out again for more food! Colin picked up his mother and joined us for dinner. We had Hor Hee! It's one of the common food in Ipoh but it's slowly fading off, overshadowed by Chicken Rice and Chicken Floss Hor Fun.

I've always heard the advertisement from Old Town on radio about their new menu Hor Hee but I've never tried it. First time eating it and I'm having it at its origins. Looks like the Shredded Chicken Hor Fun but it tasted slightly different, it's the soup I guess.

After dinner was dessert time. Colin brought us to this old school ice cream parlour for dessert - Sidewalk Ice-cream Lounge. ICE-CREAMS!!

The shop was neatly decorated with little items which makes the shop interesting to walk around and look at the stuffs all over it. Kinda have a little cozy feeling.

We took some photos while we wait for our ice-creams.

Someone being greedy~~

JooAnn, Auntie Su (Colin's mom), Colin and JooNa

Last but not least, a big happy family photo before heading back to the hotel to go to dreamland.

More Ipoh food in my next post. Billy, out.

to be continued...

Note: Credits to Bernard's camera and JooAnn's photography for most of the photos


Julez said...

i DO look greedy eh? The scoops of ice cream looked nearly as huge as my head! Miss Ipoh food la...Yum!

leo said...

wow the ice-cream looks yummy..
oh btw, ipoh white coffee really regret that we din get to try more food at ipoh last time..

Julez said...

leo... we make a trip to ipoh la one day. The food so damned good lor. But let me diet first before CNY =) Haha!!

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