Saturday, January 02, 2010

I Wore a Baju Melayu

16 October 2009 @ Menara TM (aka my office)

It was still in the month of Syawal, and my company (TM) had their very own open house or jamuan hari raya at headquarters - Menara TM. Everybody in my office was ecstatic about the makan-makan thing and some of them even suggested that I should wear Baju Melayu for the event!

Ta-Da! Me in Baju Melayu. How do I look?

I thought they were just kidding... But when I reached office that morning, Kak Leha told me she brought a set of GREEEEEEN Baju Melayu for me to wear. GOSH!! It's real!!

Coincidently, Yuzi was wearing some turquoise Baju Kebaya, which matches my Baju Melayu. So, we were forced (by other colleagues) to take photos as if we were going to salam each other.

And then, DeYan, a good friend of mine, who is also TM's vendor now, came to visit me with my new look. And after that, everyone wanted to take picture with me. Maybe they have not seen a Chinese boy who can carry a Baju Melayu so well. Hahahhaa... Perah santan~~

All of us went down to the lobby for the big feast.

At the same time, the big people of TM were launching some Kempen Alam Sekitar. They were encouraging people to go-green and save the earth.

Not long after that, the feast begun. Orange and white-coloured stalls were seen from one end to the other at the lobby. I reckon there were at least 10,000 people packing that place for food.

I didn't have time to queue up for food as I was rushing for a Birthday dinner later on. So I took a satay and one melting ice-cream only.

JooLi and I

When I look back at the pictures, I do look kinda funny don't I? Hahaha.. But I had fun wearing that Baju Melayu for the first time in my life. Not many people can get such opportunity ya know. Special thanks to Kak Leha for bringing the Baju Melayu for me. Billy, out.


joshuaongys said...

Happy New Year to You! =)

Anonymous said...

You look real nice in that baju melayu. How come ur colleague knew ur size? lol

Anonymous said...

lol too bad didn't see u. I was oso wearing green baju kurung on that day...


Billy said...

Happy New Year to you too! =)

My colleague's son is about the same size as me, so she just brought the baju for me to try, and it FITS perfectly! =D

oh really???!! Aiya... I was at lobby for a while only... Too bad didn't see you.. If you can take picture with you also.. Hehe.. =p

Abu Samah said...

Saya sokong ape yang tuan punye blog ini tulis.

salam ziarah,

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